On Channel Seven

Bruce Hore writes: Re. “And the first Wankley of 2018 goes to …” (Monday)

Hi, just a comment on Channel Seven Sydney getting the Wankley Award. Perhaps you could also offer one to Channel Seven Melbourne as well, for their “exclusive” access to the Right Wing forum they attended over the weekend.

In looking like they were accepting the Oscar for best scare-mongering news service, I’m not sure how the Channel Seven reporter was surprised at the invitation to attend this Right Wing action forum given the fear, uncertainty and doubt that dominates the first 15 minutes of every 6pm news bulletin on Channel Seven. Constant favourites include the “Gangs of Africans” rampant on our streets, Home invasions, bashings, car thefts and with a slight sprinkle of twisted wreckage from some high speed impact from somewhere. Coming from South Australia (where Channel Seven are just a bit glass half empty), the difference is striking.

The question Channel Seven Melbourne need to ask themselves is; was the exclusive invitation to the forum a win for journalism against their competitors or just reward for the seeds of desperation and fear, sown into the homes and hearts of Victorians each and every evening, that has (finally) stirred the pot of right wing Australia and driven them towards some form of “Action”? The later surely. I wonder if that is what they really want; the opportunity to create news! Careful people, that’s News Limited’s job.

Channel Seven Melbourne: Go to your room and have a good hard think about yourself and what you have done. Also, no TV for a month or until you say sorry.