Jan 15, 2018

‘Milkshake duck’ is the Word of the Year we deserve

Following Macquarie Dictionary naming the 'Milkshake Duck' -- a term extremely "of the internet" -- as 2017's word of the year, Crikey speaks to its creator about reconciling with online silliness that has spilled into the real world.

Meg Watson — Associate editor

Meg Watson

Associate editor

Macquarie Dictionary has made its pick for word of the year and, depending on how much of your life you spend online, it's either a source of total vindication or confusion. 2017 was the year of the "milkshake duck".

Let's address the confusion first: Macquarie has defined the phrase as "a person who is initially viewed positively by the media but is then discovered to have something questionable about them which causes a sharp decline in their popularity". It is a term that has been used to describe Ken Bone, the questioner-turned-meme from a 2016 presidential debate whose internet history proved to be less cute than his new persona; and Florida's "hot cop", who met a similar fate.

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12 thoughts on “‘Milkshake duck’ is the Word of the Year we deserve

  1. 124C4U

    Cheez us, we’re going a stupid as the Seppos.
    What a waste of electrons in publishing this and me downloading it.

    1. AR

      Nobody could be that dumb but using ‘signpost’ as a verb comes too close for comfort.

  2. klewso

    Funny watching The Dum last night as they discussed this.
    No mention of examples like “Rolf Harris”, “Geoffrey Rush”, “Craig McLachlan”, “Nick Kyrgios” (where is he sitting in the media firmamnet at the moment, with a sniff at the Oz Open in the air) and no mention of the starry eyed media penchant for lionizing and commercializing in “making stars”, to promote individuals, without reservation or question?

    1. klewso

      “firmament” and all….

        1. AR

          Umm, fundament? As in …hole?

  3. Alex

    The first thing Macquarie need to do is to change their own definition of the word “word”. That is, a word has to be less than two words. Is Homer Simpson on their word of the year committee? I am just glad they don’t write technical manuals for nuclear power stations (or the aviation industry) where precise grammar counts.

  4. AR

    Without apologies to ST Toille “this is how the world ends, not with a bang but a twitter“. Hollowed out.
    Content free and guaranteed to cause cancer.

  5. Hoojakafoopy

    Is there anything substantially different in ‘milkshake duck’ from ‘tall poppy syndrome’?

    1. wendlee

      my question also. one is the juvenile version.

  6. Itsarort

    “Milkshake Duck”, how completely ozzard! I’m thinking , “… ado about nothing”. OK, that’s a verb, so make it an acronym (AAN), and now we nave a noun and a verb.

  7. wendlee

    Just like “Tall Poppy Syndrome”. It is a juvenile phrase used to describe the action of bullying/putting down people because you are envious of their popularity. Those doing it are not my favourite people.

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