Jan 15, 2018

Business Council tactics come straight from Republican playbook

The Business Council is taking its cue from Republicans in wanting unfunded company tax cuts to be paid for by ordinary Australians through health and education cuts.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Coalition Senator Eric Abetz has only a nodding acquaintance with events here on Earth, but he has great value as an indicator of thinking within sections of the right. Upon becoming Tony Abbott’s industrial relations minister, he warned of a wages explosion just as Australian workers were entering an extended period of stagnant real wages. But Abetz was really reflecting the view of many Liberals and employer groups that Australian workers had too much power, not what was happening in workplaces.

So pay attention to the Tasmanian Senator’s views, no matter how little correlation they have with reality.

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16 thoughts on “Business Council tactics come straight from Republican playbook

  1. margaret handasyde

    Abetz represents only those in close agreement with himself and this can amount to on occasion, himself. For those in need or the other aligned , forget it. Much of this contrary to his ceaselessly expressed Christian values.

  2. Wayne Cusick

    Challenge the BCA and its members to guarantee the outcomes they claim, or lose their companies to the government.

  3. Graeski

    The world would be a far better place if every single member of the BCA was dropped off a 1000m cliff without a parachute.

    1. AR

      Similar to the tragedy of a bus laden with economists crashing into a ravine with empty seats.

  4. Zeke

    “..smash the illusion that more money necessarily means better outcomes…”
    Well Ms Westacott of the BCA, that statement would deny the need for corporate tax cuts, wouldn’t it?

    1. Draco Houston

      lol. Maybe that’ll be their excuse when they don’t “create” a bunch of jobs.

  5. klewso

    Of course the workers have “too much power” – the infallible masters think they shouldn’t have any.
    …. Where would Erica get a job that pays anything like the one he’s sitting on now?….

    1. Rais

      The workers certainly do have “too much power.” Before you know it they’ll be wanting the right to vote. Lucky there’s nobody they can vote for who would make any meaningful changes. Don’t tell them they could get together and form a workers’ party.

  6. paddy

    What can I say but welcome back Bernard. You’ve been missed.

    1. margaret handasyde

      It’s not the same without you!

  7. Draco Houston

    Bernard, you madman, we can’t cut back on defense during nearly a century of peace! What if our tiny navy has to stop China invading us for some reason? As soon as you get rid of our handful of submarines and frigates, boom, it’s Tomorrow When The War Began. They’re just that good.

  8. Norm

    And we will never ever see on the BCA website a proposal to “redesign CEO remuneration and corporate strategic thinking to deliver greater value, and reduce waste and inefficiency”. They themselves being one of the biggest drains on the productivity they so love to wank on about.

  9. Rais

    What’s excellent about the report you linked to by Shane Wright, Bernard? It’s just a couple of paragraphs of anti- social welfare expenditure stenography. And as an aged pensioner I know that the age pension is not much to live on after a lifetime of paying taxes for the next generation’s education.

  10. AR

    I can see no problem with almost half the federal budget is spent of health & welfare esp if tuther half were spent on education & infrastructure.
    As for defence, the Hegemon would not look kindly were we to be too independent of the its kindly & beneficent protection.
    If the BCA flaks really believe that is an “.. illusion that more money necessarily means better outcomes..” then, as WayneC suggests, if the $60B tax give away doesn’t result in the miracles promised – higher wages, more jobs, magic ponies & unicorns for all – then there fat arses are forfeit and they get to live on welfare.

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