Jan 12, 2018

Media that conflates ‘South Sudanese’ with ‘African’ should say what they really mean: ‘black’

In the wake of the "gang crisis", how can you tell who is African and who isn’t? Don't ask the newspapers.

Irfan Yusuf — Lawyer, author and commentator

Irfan Yusuf

Lawyer, author and commentator

Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy

In its lengthy January 6 report, The Australian cited the latest census data as suggesting there were over 20,000 Sudanese-born Australian residents, with around 11,500 living in Melbourne. Today’s front page Herald Sun splash, quotes “intelligence” as putting the Apex Gang core at 50 members. Let’s imagine all 50 are of Sudanese heritage. If we divide 50 by 20,000 and multiply by 100, we get the percentage of Sudanese people involved in this gang. By my calculation, it is about 0.25%.

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6 thoughts on “Media that conflates ‘South Sudanese’ with ‘African’ should say what they really mean: ‘black’

  1. klewso

    They want to win so much they don’t care what they piss on and screw to do it.
    In Homer Dutton’s Springfield Qld Townsville has a law and order issue re “out of control juvenile gangs”; there are parts of the Gold Coast that are silly to chance at night; last week we had a couple of gob-shites car-jack a couple of cars, from Sunnybank to beyond Gympie and return, having stabbed a bloke in the hand in the process – none of which is “African”?
    Does “Milhous” Turnbull, Homer, “Waylon” Hunt and the rest of the Simpletons go on about our “Australian gang violence” – when there’s no xenopphobic anti-Labor votes in it?

  2. Roger Clifton

    Really? Then just what do you mean by the word, “media”? Many of us still think that radio is a medium, and “media” is a pretentious way of saying “mediums”. Perhaps you mean that journalists of a certain profile are abusive bigots and should be sent back where they came from… 🙂

  3. old greybearded one

    I would be happy to see Dutton confined to somewhere unpleasant for the term of his natural life. Where was the shout about the Christmas and New Year destruction? Oh, soooorrrrry, that was white kids. Of course there will be an a spike in crime, there always is when a new disadvantaged group hits town. Dutton should get off his arse and see what his department can do about improving migrant services. This complete failure to do the work has been a problem for many many years. I remember we used to complain about Vietnamese drug dealers and no doubt John Howard loved it. Now we have a former refugee as a governor. I read an article recently in Wartime by Chris Masters telling of Corporal Albert Trinh who apparently joined to repay the country that gave his Vietnamese family a fresh start. A brave man and bloody near unkillable. Dutton is a blight on this nation of the kind I thought and hoped we had left behind with Sir Joh, the bullying Queensland copper who is never called to account. Kick a few backsides and these blokes will mostly be good Aussies in a few years if we don’t permanently alienate them. Based on the very few African people I have met, they would be ashamed of these few fools, but I reckon we are more likely to rehabilitate the youth than the lying scum of politicians.

  4. Sleuth

    Malicious Peter, not bright as a button,
    With head full of potato and past use by mutton.

  5. JQ

    Which Herald Sun were you quoting from, Irfan? The edition I read noted that “At its peak, Apex had 60 core members, 20 of whom were foreign citizens, 34 foreign-born naturalised Australians, and 6 Australian-born.” No mention of Africans there.
    Did you miss the Financial Review (or ABC) article(s) this week which pointed out that South Sudanese make up 0.14% of the state’s population, but account for 1.5% of its crime? And if you isolate certain violent crimes the proportion is higher. These are the facts. And hence the fine idea for Vic Police to engage with South Sudanese community leaders to address the problem whilst correctly stating the goddamn obvious that it is not every member of said group offending.
    Your politically correct authoritarianism would have it that we cannot acknowledge different racial groups commit crimes at different rates. Instead of using that information to actually address the problem, best to censor it and screech racism to further your ideological agenda.
    Hey, we could even recognise that the rates of offending by race change over time. Wouldn’t that be something useful?!

  6. Whodathunkit

    Good article and a timely reminder that it is always informative to do the arithmetic.

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