Daily Mail snapper provokes "African gang flare-up". Victoria Police say Daily Mail Australia provoked the "gang flare-up" which it published as an exclusive story, Guardian Australia reports. In the story, the Mail ran pictures of police arresting some teenagers after what it said was the "latest flare up involving African teens", including that abuse had been directed at the Mail's photographer and journalist. But what they didn't report was that the scuffle only broke out after the photographer provoked the young people, who were hanging out at a shopping centre. As per the Guardian's report:

Two days after the article was published, the Victoria police executive director of media and corporate communications, Merita Tabain, wrote a confidential email to the editors of Melbourne's main media outlets expressing concern that aggressive behaviour by journalists might "exacerbate the current tensions". She gave the incident at the Tarneit Central shopping centre as an example.