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Jan 11, 2018

Watch the throne: the top 10 elections coming in 2018

2018 is shaping up to be a corker for elections around the world, with ten in particular worth keeping an eye on, writes Charles Richardson.

Charles Richardson — Editor of The World is not Enough

Charles Richardson

Editor of The World is not Enough

Malaysian Prime Ministerial candidate Mahathir Mohamad

It's shaping up as another big year for elections (here's my review of how 2017 went down). Five of the G20 countries will vote in 2018 (although one of them, Russia, can't really be counted as a democracy), not to mention the possibility of early elections in some others -- Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom all have problems that could send them back to the polls.

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9 thoughts on “Watch the throne: the top 10 elections coming in 2018

  1. 124C4U

    Sounds like a good reason to mothball the TV and cancel the newspaper this year.

  2. maxcelcat

    Is it just me, or does the name of the Mexican party, “Institutional Revolutionary Party”, seem like a contradiction? Also one of those names that could be crazied right-wingers or hard lefties trying to pretend they’re not.

    (I suppose I could just Google them couldn’t I?)

    1. AR

      I think that it was once called the Permanent Revolution Party also boggles.
      What the world needs is a Conservative Radical Party.

    2. Charles Richardson

      I think it’s the same sort of thing as Bonaparte did with the French Revolution: the idea of taming the revolution, making it respectable, a permanent part of the landscape.

  3. AR

    Thanks for that explanatory splash of cold water – Interesting Times indeed.

  4. Rais

    After dismissing Russia as not really a democracy I notice you included in your list the elections in a republic called by Gore Vidal a one-party state. Whichever of their one party’s “two right wings” wins the party remains pretty much in the same wealthy hands.
    Meanwhile Berlusconi must be spitting chips. Just when he’s about about to stage the oldest comeback ever, 92 year-old Mahathir has pipped him for the title.

    1. Charles Richardson

      Thanks Rais. Yes, American democracy has got some major problems, as do some of the others on the list, but as I think this year’s contests demonstrate, American elections can still make a difference – a capacity that seems to have been lost in Russia. And Mahathir at 92 is remarkable; apparently the plan is for him to hand over to Anwar in fairly short order if they win. Fortunately Robert Mugabe’s plan to seek re-election at the age of 94 has been thwarted.

  5. Richard Winzor

    Egypt has elections this year too. Was there last year and the vibe we got from alot of Egyptians was that all the economic problems that caused the last revolution are back. A sentiment felt by many is that if the vote is not perceived to be fair or canceled it could all kick off again.

    1. Charles Richardson

      Thanks Richard – Yes, definitely another one to watch. I had it on my short list but had to work to cut it down to ten!

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