Jan 11, 2018

John Singleton’s Oz interview is a thing to behold

The national broadsheet took time out on Monday to tell us what John Singleton thinks of the #metoo movement, for some reason.

Charlie Lewis — Journalist

Charlie Lewis


On Monday, as TV and theatre actor Craig McLachlan became the latest public figure to be embroiled in a raft of allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace, there was one question on the lips of everyone in the Crikey bunker: "Sure, sure, these stories are awful. But what does entrepreneur and racing enthusiast John Singleton make of all of this?"

Clearly we were not alone. Thankfully, The Australian and Caroline Overington were able to satisfy this nationwide burning need to know by getting the scoop from the man himself -- who was about to embark on a "horse-buying spree", which is apparently a thing. Singleton appears to have no book to promote, no new business venture to spruik, no reason at all to get into the papers, except that the reading public, apparently, really need to know the horse-buying septuagenarian's views on sexual harassment.

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10 thoughts on “John Singleton’s Oz interview is a thing to behold

  1. MJM

    Singo mansplaining? Who’d a’ thought it?
    The Oz interviewing him? Who’s surprised?

    Both are irrelevant!

  2. Jeff Mueller

    How many people wouldn’t take Overington’s call before Singleton did?

  3. klewso

    “Setting the news agenda” : “Is it news : or did you catch it from Limited News?”

  4. bref

    If true, good on him. We’ll soon see if the ‘girls’ back him up.

    1. zut alors

      For what it’s worth in the equation, I seem to recall his numerous ex-wives are all on good terms with him. No mean feat.

  5. zut alors

    We may smirk at this offering from Singo but it’s better than the rest of The Australian’s content.

  6. Nudiefish

    Sounded just like any speech from Grandpa Simpson.

  7. MAC TEZ

    Don’t fret Charlie,it’s only January and you’re bound to find something worth writing about this year.

  8. mikeb

    Reminds me of past employment. Friday (late) avo drinks. Plenty of young men & women so the flirting starts/continues. Kick on to the pub 5:30ish. Plenty of marriages/divorces sprung from “POETS” day. Me included.
    We’d get sacked these days.

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