From the makers of The Ghan: Australia’s Greatest Train Journey

The Pakenham Line: Australia’s Greatest Peak-Hour Train Journey

Go on an immersive trip from Southern Cross station to Pakenham, experiencing in real time what it’s like to stand up for an hour while pressed against Australia’s sweatiest people.

Myer: Search For Service

Get a bird’s-eye view of one customer’s desperate quest to find a Myer employee to ask for assistance with a purchase. For 18 gripping hours, you will be taken on a journey across and around every floor of the department store as the inevitably fruitless search becomes increasingly terrifying.


Become immersed in the world of federal politics as the camera puts you in a backbench MP’s seat in the House of Representatives. In this special event, running over 20 days, find out what it’s really like to sit down for long periods of time and occasionally ask a minister to update the House on biosecurity measures.

Parliament 2: Speaker’s Corner

This follow-up to the acclaimed Parliament event puts the viewer in the Speaker’s chair, bringing home the full horror of the cage within which our democracy is trapped.

Inside The Bachelor

In a revolutionary new use of the Slow TV format, SBS allows viewers to understand what it’s like to actually watch an entire episode of The Bachelor.

Life: The Show

Our crew attaches a camera to a foetus, which audiences will follow through birth, life and death. Streaming on the SBS Facebook page for the next 86 years.

Denis Goes For A Walk

Acclaimed singer and radio personality Denis Walter walks to the shops to buy a new handheld vacuum cleaner, and SBS viewers will be with him the whole rollicking way. For anyone who’s ever wanted to crawl inside Denis Walter’s brain and fall asleep, this is the next best thing!

Riding on the back of a Garbage Truck

Ever wondered what it’s like to ride on the back of a garbage truck? No? Well, tough!