Jan 10, 2018

Rundle: how to lose friends and alienate people, Spectator style

Toby Young, like most of the right, deals with self-hatred by turning it on others.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


They've only gone and bloody done it again! The Spectator, the magazine whose Down-Under editors dropped a cool half-million in libel damages -- plus God knows what costs -- over wild allegations arising from the Queensland floods, the British wing of the magazine (i.e. the bit worth reading) has come a cropper, with the rapid rise and fall of Toby Young, ageing post-punk London kid turned conservative turned -- just a week ago -- the government's appointed representative of students, in higher ed management, a position he has already resigned from. Thereby hangs a tale ...

Young was famous for founding The Modern Review decades back, a magazine that revolutionised the way the press covered pop culture, with essays on the oeuvres of John Candy and Camille Paglia, per example, cheek by jowl. The Guardian's G2, and everything like it, sprang from there.

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9 thoughts on “Rundle: how to lose friends and alienate people, Spectator style

  1. rhwombat

    Sweet (,) Comrade! Can one weary of schadenfreude?

  2. paddy

    Fascinating (and informative) piece Guy.
    Esp liked that sting in the tail. “What was in the 1980s one of the best-edited magazines in the world is now a spite-slum for the witlessly abusive.”

  3. Dog's Breakfast

    Why is their inevitable demise taking so long?

  4. Owen Richardson

    Toby Young, one of the few people in the world who could say they were flattered by being played by Simon Pegg:

  5. old greybearded one

    Obviously the dimwit training process at Eton produced more than one Boris. The old Thatcher hatred of the North is still there. My uncle had lived in England since 1938 when he died in 2013. He was an Oxford PhD and a rather well known scientist. He lived in the south, but he despised the Tories and all they stood for. What he would make of today’s incompetent nitwits I shudder to think.

  6. klewso

    Ever wonder what it would be like to be stuck in a Spectator Xmas Party?
    Canapes and cock tales with Barnsey (Terry), Weisser and Rowan “The Alpaca” Dean (looks, humour)….?
    “Oh look, here comes the cyanide waiter….”

  7. AR

    The hemorrhoidally humorous Young wrote excoriatingly of his, by then deceased, father for not noticing that he was a hopeless cannabis addict.
    In that Speccie piece he went on to vaunt that the Law protected people like him from themselves.
    Quo vardis, arsehole?

  8. brendan wynter

    A real pity, the decline of the Speccie. Young’s demise more welcome.

  9. Lesley Graham

    I would also be asking questions around his families claims to have founded the Open University there are a number of similar but original structures that functioned in the 60’s well into the 70’s that predate much of the “new” approaches to external learning, I know this as I have relative that founded the university of the air in Aberdeen Scotland, considering this Young juniors propensity to make things up as he goes along I would be very wary of any claims to anything that he makes to his families previous history or building on any academic/scholastic models or systems.

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