Jan 9, 2018

Why do newspapers now literally wrap themselves in ads?

In newspapers' heyday, they would never have dreamed of selling front pages to advertisers. But we're seeing it more and more for one reason: Money.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

There once was a time a newspaper wouldn't dream of selling its front page to an advertiser. Back in those days, the front page was meant to sell what was in the paper, not pay for it. There was enough money to be made on advertising inside.

But even if you only buy a newspaper occasionally these days, chances are you've picked up a copy with the front and back pages dedicated to a paid advertisement, only to find the real front-page news underneath.

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9 thoughts on “Why do newspapers now literally wrap themselves in ads?

  1. AR

    What I cannot understand is why companies would pay bigbuck$ to advertise in that manner – who does not discard the wraparound instantly, without even a glance?

    1. Damon

      It’s brand awareness. Even if people don’t buy the paper they’ve probably seen the ad at a newsstand, at their place of business, at a café, etc.

  2. Rais

    Good to see newspapers finding a way to sell advertising. It’s not new though. The London Times was one of the last to have its front page covered with classifieds. Now it’s wrap-arounds, good luck to them if it pays for the news inside.

  3. old greybearded one

    At least we know the wraparound an ad, as opposed to Fairfax’s China Daily insert. Bugger giving the People’s Republic their own paper, the have enough propaganda as it is.

    1. AR

      Maybe they could use Mini Mr Bean as an editor?

  4. John Hall

    It’s all online for me now. The ‘papers’ are clearly a threatened species. Crikey!

    1. AR

      When you look at the crap in them, good riddance.
      I obtain the accumulated SMH once a week from my local library, purely for the xword/puzzle, and find that they have rarely even been perused – the cog bites on the edge are often unseparated.
      Rather as when one acquires an ancient library, probably bought by the yard, and find most of the volumes uncut.

  5. paddy

    LOL Just imagine when the Royal Commission into Banks gets underway… A wraparound featuring “Whichever Bloody Bank”, will have all the pulling power of a Craig McLachlan revival season of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. :-p

  6. mikeb

    My local rag seems to be run by real estate spruikers because I couldn’t count the number of times it screams “boom real estate market” “buy buy buy” or the equivalent. Would I be cynical in thinking the partnership between News Corp Australia and might have something to do with it?

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