On rhetoric around “African gangs”

Barry Welch writes: Re.”‘African gang’ rhetoric goes beyond dog-whistling” (Monday)

That Peter Dutton would be totally reliant on the “fear and division” button is a given.  After all, Dutton was first elected in 2001 on the back of Tampa and 9/11 and his first major campaign function featured none other than Phillip Ruddock. Dutton’ s lack of brains — he has as much inside his skull as on top of it — will see him sticking to the same old, same old. Because if it worked once it will work forever.

Chris Larkin writes: Re.”‘African gang’ rhetoric goes beyond dog-whistling” (Monday)

Reading The Age over the weekend it was depressing to see how ingrained racism can sometimes be.  Two stories side by side on their mobile front page. One about a white, white collar crim, not even an Australian citizen, who happened to live in Sydney for a few years growing up being described as an “Aussie” despite his crimes being committed in the US.

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Two stories up, local kids doing bad things tagged as “African”.And this from The Age who probably should know better.

James Burke writes: Re.”‘African gang’ rhetoric goes beyond dog-whistling” (Monday)

Happy New Year Crikey, but hey, this ain’t Trumpism. Trumpism means constantly saying things that are ludicrous, easily disproven, often contradict what you said earlier, and to most ears are evidence of an unsound mind – knowing that your army of bloodthirsty idiots will cheer whatever their God-Emperor says. What we’re seeing here is Murdochism. Take something with some basis in reality, exaggerate and distort it, and accuse anyone who quibbles with the distortion of being part of a PC coverup to further some nefarious cause. Before you know it the public is rabid on African gangs, not your Sicilian legitimate businessmen, capiche?

Trumpism doesn’t quite work in Australia, because the proportion of voters desperate to be publicly debased by a giant baby is too small, though steadily increasing. It took 20 years of Murdochism for the US to reach the point where Trumpism works. Australia might take a little longer, due to compulsory voting, better education and fewer “evangelicals” . We’ll get there eventually. 

As a Crikey subscriber and someone who began working as a journalist in 1957, I am passionate about the importance of independent media like Crikey. I met a lot of Australians from many walks of life during my career and did my best to share their stories honestly and fairly with their fellow citizens.

And I never forgot how important it is to hold politicians to account. Crikey does that – something that is more important now than ever before in Australia.

North Stradbroke Island, QLD

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