Jan 8, 2018

Fire and Furphy: just how credible are Michael Wolff’s claims about Trump?

Is there room within Michael Wolff's "exceptional storytelling" for, ya know, actual journalism?

Bhakthi Puvanenthiran — Associate editor

Bhakthi Puvanenthiran

Associate editor

US President Donald Trump is forever "about to be impeached". The 25th Amendment is alive. Or so the US media would have us believe.

Predictions have reached fever pitch with juicy, damaging excerpts and a rushed release of Michael Wolff's White House expose Fire and Fury. The book sold out of its first printing on Amazon in just a few hours despite the threat of a lawsuit from Trump's lawyers, and has already fueled days of commentary.

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12 thoughts on “Fire and Furphy: just how credible are Michael Wolff’s claims about Trump?

  1. klewso

    About a fake President?

  2. Hunt Ian

    Yes, the company Wolff kept to get sources for his book might leave him ready to brush over details. But then the whole enterprise is surely not needed to conclude that Trump is unfit for office. What is needed is a campaign that mobilises enough victims of Trump’s policies to enrich the 0.1% at the expense of the rest to end Republicans majorities in the US house and Senate

  3. Lee Tonkin

    I am halfway thru reading Fire and fury, and am most impressed by the quality of the report. It is not simply dissing the president, but forensically analysing the activities of the White House and its staff and influencers. It is more or less taken as a given that the President is incompetent, which is simply born out by the machinations of those around him. I don’t think your article author has actually read it.

  4. zut alors

    I enjoyed the report of Murdoch privately describing Trump as a ‘f***ing idiot’ – although he’s denied it. Ergo, he doesn’t think Trump is an idiot? That’s stretching credibility.

  5. Richard

    Information is either True or it is False.
    The opposite of Fact is Fiction.
    The opposite of Truth is Lie.
    Somebody who knowingly takes false information and presents such as facts is a Liar.
    These are details that most of us understand and respect as being rather significant when it comes to making decisions about life etc. It is not stretching it to expect similar respect from those who have obtained positions of power and authority in our society .. and are well rewarded as a consequence.
    It is unforgivable for anybody with influence to refrain from calling out those who fail to live up to this fairly simple expectation. There is no excuse.
    That aside, the most casual of semi-knowledgeable observers would know that Trump is a liability as soon as they can bring themselves to look away from the slow motion train wreck and listen to the desperate attempts to sound relevant. This book sounds as if it merely a catalogue of painful sound bytes.

  6. AR

    By sheer happenstance I found a copy of his book on mudorc in an op-shop for 20 cents so had to have it.
    For all the horror that he is it should be remembered that a heart beat away is fundi xtian who is so afraid of his lack of virtue that he won’t be alone in a room with any woman but his wife.
    Gilead anyone?

  7. old greybearded one

    we already knew he was unfit. He was declared not fit to be involved in a casino in NSW because of his mob connections. There is plenty of well researched and verified work about his employment of illegal migrants on Trump tower, his subversion of the New Jersey justice system or his concrete strike breaking deals with the NY mafia such the Making of Donald Trump by David Cay Johnston. This is the best the Republicans could find. This is the man the Democrats lost to. Both parties should be ashamed.

  8. mikeb

    Irrespective of a problem with detail it’s telling that a book such as this would come out about the POTUS and his White House so soon after inauguration. It took years to bring down Nixon.

  9. Wallywonga

    Think it is great that, despite his dramatic, possibly flawed style, the book is cutting through, whereas as serious journalistic pursuits by CNN, NYT etc just seem to have numbed audience response.
    Bannon more than anything was a coup for the book, a detested person in his own right. Melania T has not looked a happy figure since inauguration, so Wolff’s gossipy explanation for this also makes a lot of sense.
    Trump’s business and tax practices have been legendary for decades, so the idea that he might want to dabble in the darkside of new Russian money, and be corrupted by it, just feels more like truth than fiction, does it?
    Kushner’s family are being investigated for ? ethical financial dealings with Netanyahu’s cronies… and so it goes on.
    Welcome to the new world order, where evil seems to have taken on a whole new definition, where greed has enabled old nationalistic and theocratic boundaries to become irrelevant.
    Scandalise, humiliate the bastard (Trump), he doesn’t deserve to be there!

    1. Dan Dair

      Scandalise…. his skin is so thick, it would be water off a ducks back,
      Humiliate…. the man who seems to really believe there’s no such thing as BAD publicity……. just publicity.?

  10. Dan Dair

    The right-wing media can suck-up to Trump all they like,
    some of the facts in the book are still unconfirmed, but so many of the things about DJT are known, such as his attitude to women, his still unpublished tax returns & his dodgy business accounting
    & now he’s calling some nations ‘shitholes’, whining about London & abandoning PNS for people who’ve been living useful lives in the US for thirty years.?
    His scattergun approach to politics seems to be about talking as much bollocks as possible in the hope that some of his ‘believers’ will believe him. (Hoping the shit sticks.?)
    He’s an old-fashioned ‘snake-oil salesman’……
    everything he says is the work of genius
    every naysayer is telling false stories & making up fake news.
    He called himself an ‘excellent negotiator’ after deciding to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, thus totally alienating one side in the Israel-Palestine negotiations,
    He called himself a ‘very stable genius’, which implies (but doesn’t prove) that he really isn’t any of those things.

    The only thing I can imagine is that the US political & government ‘machinery’ is actively ‘rallying-round’ Trump, so that their whole nation isn’t publicly ridiculed by impeaching a genuinely incompetent Potus.
    If they can just get through his 4-year term, they can pass-off his presidency with the same discretion they dealt with George ‘Shrub’ Bush.?

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