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Dec 22, 2017

Top four examples of creeping socialism Bronwyn Bishop bravely called out in 2017

Let’s have a look at the best and most memorable 'red scares' Bronny bravely named and shamed this year!

Chris Woods — Freelance journalist

Chris Woods

Freelance journalist

Bronwyn Bishop

Like all political ideologies, socialism means different things to different people; everything from universal healthcare to the complete and total subjugation of the populace, to just kind of annoying everyone at your local offshore detention protest.

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16 thoughts on “Top four examples of creeping socialism Bronwyn Bishop bravely called out in 2017

  1. Peter Wileman

    At least this old nutter is out of the speaker’s chair. 250K per annum? she should be repaying that amount from her cell. And who is to follow? Pyne with 26 years of superannuation. Abbott; the political joke of the century. Then come Abetz, Andrews and the rest of the ‘usual suspects’. Can we afford to keep these parasites in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed? Not that I feel strongly about it.

    1. Lee Tinson

      If we could manage it, it’s worth the money to not have them there. If any of them retire, I’m gonna be happy with that.

  2. AR

    Bronhilda is one person I would prefer never to hear about again, except her demise.

  3. half_hippie

    I always enjoy a bit of comic relief during the festive season. This woman is so much of a caricature that I see her as 25% far-right harridan and 75% joke – an anachronistic old fool with almost no remaining credibility among the people at large.