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Dec 22, 2017

The 2017 Crikeys: Arsehat of the year and Person of the year

It's the most anticipated awards of the year -- who will be Crikey's annointed ones?

Charlie Lewis — Journalist

Charlie Lewis


In several ways, 2017 defiantly refused to improve upon the flaming rubbish pile template set by 2016. It's been a time, and we're all very tired. But our dear readers summoned one last burst of energy to crown our 2017 Arsehat of the Year and Person of the Year.

The Nominees

Arsehat of the year:

Tony Abbott, for demanding that his constituents be given a voice on the issue of marriage equality and then refusing to vote according to their wishes.

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16 thoughts on “The 2017 Crikeys: Arsehat of the year and Person of the year

  1. MAC TEZ

    Too late to vote now but Crikey could award itself an Arsehat for exposing its readership to the self-absorbed musings of one D.Hinch.
    Adam Carr’s Oz-like offering on corporate tax and barrister Thingo Whatisname on the poor old clergy having their reputations damaged via the RC on child abuse deserve a WTF award while I’m at it.
    Written ratbaggery from RWNJs is abundant and usually free, I know I’m not the only subscriber that resents paying for it here.
    In 2018 , how about more from Michael West, Michael Bradley and Alan Austin as well as the usual HR,GR,BK and so on ?
    Person/s of the year had to go to the Fosters with daylight second.
    Well done to the readers here for many great contributions throughout the year ( although if Kyle H. & Rav D. could somehow hook up and just chat amongst themselves I’d be grateful…no offense fellas but wading thru your waffling makes my head ache at times ) and Hoppy Halloweddaze to all.

  2. Pollietragic

    Will Chrissie Forster personally receive any specific recognition from Crikey, or maybe some type of prize? Sounds like the lady and her deceased husband have fought an incredibly long fight to see justice for abused children. What a massive horror, campaigning for years with both kids dead, and now her husband. What was that about justice delayed is justice denied? Seems like the wheels of justice crank up as slow as ever.
    Even so, once created, Julia Gillard’s and Peter McLellan’s Royal commission performed a great service for Australia.

    Always remember that John Howard saw no need for any inquiry into institutional abuse of kids. He then trashed the doctrine of separation of church and state with his captains pick of Anglican Peter Hollingsworth as our Governor General. Howard was led kicking and screaming to replace Hollingsworth when the political heat from child abuse within the Anglican church, within Hollingsworth’s jurisdiction, became too great.

    Another miserable Howard legacy, and at what personal and financial cost? Such a little man who caused so much personal and systematic damage.

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