South Australia

Dec 22, 2017

Poll Bludger: Xenophon could rinse major parties in South Australia

As it stands, Nick Xenophon's SA Best party could drop dramatically in the polls and still come out top dog in South Australia.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

It may only be an opinion poll, but this week's state Newspoll result from South Australia must surely have been an Australian first: a poll showing a "minor" party with a primary vote higher than either of the majors.

The poll credits Nick Xenophon’s SA Best with the support of 32% of its 800 respondents, compared with 29% for the Liberals and 27% for Labor.

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8 thoughts on “Poll Bludger: Xenophon could rinse major parties in South Australia

  1. Dog's Breakfast

    “Some may object that One Nation was unable to live up to comparable levels of hype before recent state elections.”

    And some may point out that One nation is a rabble led by an idiot. Xenophon may end up with a rabble, but he is probably the best political operator in the country.

  2. mike westerman

    I had understood he so far has candidates in only 6 Liberal held seats. On paper that makes him kingmaker but surely also means the Libs would have a snowflakes of forming a minority government, giving Labor a fair bit of leverage.

  3. CML

    If Mr X should win the up-coming election in SA…I’M LEAVING! And I’m NOT alone.
    He is just a fraud and a show pony…Few policies, and those he does have just support the Liberal Party. People should be aware that he is the one who made possible the privatisation of our electricity system by voting for the second reading of the bill to be introduced into the upper house…without his support, there would have been NO vote on privatisation. More recently, he voted in the Senate to reduce the penalty rates of 700,000 poorer workers.
    We don’t need his ‘help’ here in SA…I hope he disappears without trace!!
    I’ll stick with Jay Wetherill, thanks very much. He is the only one trying to do something about climate change…and doing it well, despite the Feds doing everything in their power to stop him. Aided and abetted by the MSM, and the appalling reportage of the ABC in this state…fair and balanced? I don’t think so!!!!!

  4. AR

    Nothing “unlikely” about “ suggestions that Labor and Liberal might direct preferences to each other,” they did exactly that to, barely, defeat the brilliant Janine Haines when she left the Senate as leader of the Dems in, I think… Hinkley(?).
    Precisely in “ the manner of big business oligopolists colluding against a new competitor..“and the public, as noted by Adam Smith.
    Not to mention when they did the same thing to Peter Garrett when he stood for the NDA.
    No honour among thieves.

    1. PaulM

      Janine Haines stood for Kingston in 1990. That the Libs and ALP exchanged prferences against her didn’t matter becaque she was third on first preference votes.

  5. Andrew Malzard

    I quite like the thought of a Premier Nick, but the true test for Xenophon will come when he has to state which party he will support if a hung parliament eventuates and odds on it will. None of our enterprising journalists have prised out the answer to that question yet. As it stands now Nick is drawing support from traditional supporters of the two major parties. Watch how one half of that vote collapses when he makes public who he will prefer as a coalition partner.

    1. PaulM

      At this stage, stating which major party to support in the event of a hung parliament is simply addressing a hypothetical. I suspect that, if asked, Xenophon will reply, “let’s see how the votes fall/how the Parliament looks”. Other Independents have done just that in recent years. Recall Windsor, Oakeshott and Katter in 2010. That also suggests, don’t expect an instant answer.

  6. John Kotsopoulos

    He comes across as an anxious auctioneer trying to squeeze out at least one bid before having to pass the property in. He has the sincerity caper down pat.

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