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Early exit. We’ve all seen the warnings about behaving yourself at the work Christmas party. But Ms Tips hears that a journalist from News Corp in Adelaide might not have heeded that advice, and has been sacked for inappropriate behaviour. At the party on December 8, held for staff from The Advertiser, Sunday Mail and the community Messenger papers, the journalist groped or tried to grope more than a couple of colleagues, as well as some other inappropriate behaviour. After a short HR investigation, they was shown the door. News Corp didn’t respond to Crikey’s requests for confirmation or comment.

Rocco’s modern life. Quirky conman Rocco Calabrese — who once set up a (haha) shell company to steal $82,000 worth of prawns — was a dab hand at fleecing honest Aussies. He has been described as “more slippery than an eel swimming in olive oil”  and, more laconically, a “bullshit artist”.

We hear now that the “eel” has wriggled his way back into work. A tipster tells us the decorated swindler is back in business, this time dabbling in the muscle car market. We hear as well that Calabrese (aka Rocco De Gonza) has allegedly got himself a fancy new moniker: Mark Cala. We’ve no reason to suspect he’s up to his old tricks, but we do reckon that if “Mark Cala” is indeed the old Rocco Calabrese, he could’ve been a bit more creative in the rebrand. We checked with Births, Deaths and Marriages and they’ve reliably informed us that “‘Fingers’ DeCiccio” is free and available.

War on gender-fluid Santa? In the latest, saddest attempt to pretend there’s a War on Christmas, and one that nicely ridicules the LGBTIQ community, the Herald Sun is reporting on a strange new attack from the pinko loonie Marxist left: a call for Father Christmas to be renamed “Person Christmas”. But a cursory look from Ms Tips at the Hun’s “evidence” (stolen from that bastion of rigorous reporting, meme-distributor Unilad) shows a single non-binary person tweeting about being Santa in October and one other tweet from March simply tweeting “Santa Claus is gender fluid”. La Revolution, this is not.

A further four seconds of consideration shows that a) no one is actually demanding a change to “Person Christmas” (a term apparently made up by Unilad) and b) the name would be “Parent Christmas” anyway. 

But why would that stop the Today from running with it?

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