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Crikey Quiz

Dec 22, 2017

Can you pick these 2018 scandals?

Who knows how many insane controversies Australia is in for in 2018? We do. We know exactly how the next year is going to go down, and, through the magic of online satirical quizzes, you can too!

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2 thoughts on “Can you pick these 2018 scandals?

  1. AR

    A bit of a worry that I only got the last two ‘correct’ but, to judge by the percentages, everyone else is similarly …crickets…
    Perhaps the image for 2018 is that cartoon of the steeplejacks dangling from a girder, with the upper one telling his mate “stop larffin’ – this is serious!”.

  2. George

    Australian ‘politics’ is a sick joke anyway. From the scandals surrounding political donations (to all parties), the horrific abuses of human rights, the posturing, the rorting of entitlements, the weakness in regard to factional priorities and on foreign policy (apart from standing up to NZ), the corruption of jobs for the boys and ex-politicians taking sinecures and then getting upset when called out over it etc., etc., etc. and ultimately the inability to do paperwork that they would throw a Centrelink client into jail for getting wrong it’s hard to take any of it seriously unless you are totally stoned.

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