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Dec 21, 2017

Why is Tasmanian Labor promising to ban all pokies that aren’t on a boat?

Tasmanian opposition leader Rebecca White has mapped how Labor plan to get rid of non-casino pokies by 2023. But there are gaps in the play that gambing groups are keen to point out.

Chris Woods — Freelance journalist

Chris Woods

Freelance journalist

Anti-gaming groups and politicians have unsurprisingly welcomed Tasmanian Labor’s announcement that, should they form government next year, the party would phase out all 2375 pokies in pubs and clubs over the next five year.

Ahead of the March 2018 state election, Labor opposition leader Rebecca White last week announced that she would not renew Federal Group’s historic deed to poker machines in Tasmanian venues in 2023 other than casinos.

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5 thoughts on “Why is Tasmanian Labor promising to ban all pokies that aren’t on a boat?

  1. bushby jane

    Hope some work is done collecting data on how much revenue is gathered from the pokies for the venue owners (vs Federal), and I would also be interested to see factual data on supposed job losses, as I have never seen any extra staff catering to pokies’ customers in pubs or clubs.
    I would imagine that if pubs and clubs were pokie-free, patrons would spend on beer and food instead, both of which does employ staff.

  2. AR

    Gambling is a tax on the stupid (MONA notwithstanding) and they will always be in the majority.
    Ban it and it will continue, run by crims.
    Just like drugs.

    1. Woopwoop

      Any evidence that a similar proportion of the income of “the stupid” (your words, not mine) is spent on gambling in non- legal times or places?

  3. kyle Hargraves

    Many clubs just break even from subscriptions and a bar revenue from members. The machines do provide extra revenue because of he addicts. In difference to Busby Jane the patrons will spend more time yanking on a leaver than slopping beer or munching bar meals or snacks. As to “job losses” – I agree : the claim is spurious.

    That written, gambling has been about since the year “dot” so “banning” it would amount to an exercise in futility. Arriving in Kalgoorlie a few decades ago (from NZ) I was “invited” to a two-up game out in the bush. Having regard to the number of vehicles returning to “Kal” from the isolated location there must have been any number of games in the vicinity.

    On the “bright” side WA has pokies only in specific locations – which is truly refreshing. Perhaps some of the clubs in the East could correspond with the clubs in the West to ascertain how the clubs in WA organise their finances. I was Treasurer of a sailing club in WA for a few years.

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