Dec 21, 2017

Lady Flo, dead at 97, should be remembered for more than pumpkin scones

Lady Flo has died, apparently along with mainstream memory of the Bjelke-Petersens' legacy of hatred and corruption.

Chris Woods — Freelance journalist

Chris Woods

Freelance journalist

Former Queensland politician and famed lover of the pumpkin scone Florence “Lady Flo” Bjelke-Petersen died overnight. Nobody wants to speak ill of the dead, but you'd think you could "say something nice" about the wife of the Hillbilly Dictator without excusing his corrupt reign. And yet politicians of all stripes were quick to gloss over the fact of Sir Joh's corruption, the fact he parachuted his wife, Flo, into the Senate, and also that whole “Fitzgerald Inquiry” thing.

Annastacia Palaszczuk called the Bjelke-Petersens “a loving couple and a formidable political pairing”. Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce listed the corrupt ex-premier as an inspiration. Sky News even dragged Campbell Newman out for comment. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull tweeted this morning that “Joh and Flo devoted their lives to Queensland and its success and dynamism owes so much to their vision and leadership”.

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18 thoughts on “Lady Flo, dead at 97, should be remembered for more than pumpkin scones

  1. Nudiefish

    She was very much part of what was a very corrupt system. I’m glad that she’s gone, and wish that she never was.

  2. jmendelssohn

    If Barnaby truly did see Joh as a role model a) that explains a lot and b) we should be very afraid

  3. leon knight

    The dead do indeed deserve to have their rotten legacy aired in public, even the worst of people can still serve as a bad example….

  4. GF50

    Politicians glossing over historical corruption and anti democratic horrors, in the vain hope we will have forgotten, therefore nothing to see here in their own reprehensible conduct. Stating the facts re the dead is no problem to those of us that did so while they were alive.
    Consider that the only mention of achievement is pumpkin scones, this should give some indication of the regard this person held during a considerable lifespan.

    1. zut alors

      A pumpkin scone recipe is a valid legacy to leave the electorate compared to the nil (or negative) contribution by most politicians.

      If 100 people were stopped in the street at random & asked to name a legacy from any former MP I suspect silence would reign.

  5. klewso

    Let the dead bury their dead.
    This amnesiac, cant, maudlin carry-on is nauseating – a reminder of political hypocrisy and a selective, wilful ignorance of history.
    Frecklington (in an interview with ABC TV news) said she longs for a return of the days of Joh?????
    ….. Just forget the past and it will repeat?

  6. sottile6

    I’m glad she’s dead, the horrible orc.

  7. old greybearded one

    To put it succinctly as my old acquaintance John Dengate put it…”You useless old bastard, too long you have lasted, now your mates have betrayed you and you have to go”. Bjelke -Petersen was a crooked as a bent corkscrew and everyone associted with his is tainted. No doubt he appeals to Blunderby. A lot of Blunderby’s mates from St George were illegal irrigators whom Joh declined to act upon. Alas the new minister for Agriculture is one of his mates from Maranoa. A time of evil presided over by crooks.

  8. PG

    All we owe to the dead is the truth

  9. (the other) HR Nicholls

    Hick spivs, perfect #inspo for Barnaby.

  10. AR

    And an ALP Premier is suggesting a State funeral! FFS!
    No wonder the Russians blew up and bulldozed the Berlin bunker.

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