Former Queensland politician and famed lover of the pumpkin scone Florence “Lady Flo” Bjelke-Petersen died overnight. Nobody wants to speak ill of the dead, but you'd think you could "say something nice" about the wife of the Hillbilly Dictator without excusing his corrupt reign. And yet politicians of all stripes were quick to gloss over the fact of Sir Joh's corruption, the fact he parachuted his wife, Flo, into the Senate, and also that whole “Fitzgerald Inquiry” thing.

Annastacia Palaszczuk called the Bjelke-Petersens “a loving couple and a formidable political pairing”. Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce listed the corrupt ex-premier as an inspiration. Sky News even dragged Campbell Newman out for comment. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull tweeted this morning that “Joh and Flo devoted their lives to Queensland and its success and dynamism owes so much to their vision and leadership”.