Bauer cuts Men's StyleBauer Media has cut another of its magazines after a horror year for the publisher. The struggling German publisher has confirmed that Men's Style's summer edition will be its last, but would not say how many redundancies the closure would lead to. Bauer bought ACP Magazines five years ago, and this year alone has closed Rugby League Week, Shop Til You Drop, Yours, Recipes+ and Homes+. It's also restructured and pushed through redundancies, and lost a CEO, senior executives, editors, and a record defamation case to actress Rebel Wilson.

Triple M to air Australia Day music countdown. Triple J announced it was moving its Hottest 100 countdown from Australia Day out of respect for what the day means to Indigenous Australians, with a considered statement detailing the event's history (including that it has not regularly been on January 26 for more than a few years). The countdown will now be held on the last weekend of each January. But commercial rock and sport station Triple M has decided to step into the void by running its own "Ozzest 100" on January 26 -- a countdown of 100 Australian songs. It announced the new countdown in an email to subscribers, saying, "So, the taxpayer funded FM has decided that there'll be no soundtrack for Australia Day. Let's face it, that’s usually full of hipsters or kids making music on a Mac. At Triple M, we’re going to give you what you’ve asked for. The perfect Australia Day soundtrack." The new countdown will no doubt be welcomed by the usual suspects -- including Communications Minister Mitch Fifield -- who have had a whinge about Triple J's decision.