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Dec 21, 2017

Razer: Apple supplanting the Koorie trust in Fed Square is a very 2017 thing to happen

A building currently being used by the Koorie Heritage Trust is being demolished to make way for a huge Apple store. Well merry bloody Christmas.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

So. 2017, eh. What can we say about that? In 2017, the planet turned, creating the illusion of days. In 2017, you have so far endured 355 of these solar deceptions. You will travel 26 million kilometres through space, and then, 2017 will exist only in your memory. Unless you are a quantum-y type.

If you are, please tell me if, and how, multiple 2017s might exist. Then, reassure me there’s a 2017 in which I do not find Apple Inc. celestially irritating. A 2017 in which no single company can come to have such heft, it can demolish a building currently used by the Koorie Heritage Trust, an organisation that supports Aboriginal culture.

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43 thoughts on “Razer: Apple supplanting the Koorie trust in Fed Square is a very 2017 thing to happen

  1. Peter Adams

    This woman is near unreadable nowadays. Her writing is so self-absorbed and obtuse, it takes barely a skim read of the first line before I move to the next story. Previously I could actually last a paragraph. First drop for 2018.

    1. Robert Beverley

      I suspect the comprehension problem is entirely your own.

    2. Leslie Witkop

      Oi, dick head, “this woman” is Helen Razer

      1. Leslie Witkop

        ….and she’s awesome

      2. Richard Laslett

        pity that people with differing views are pilloried and called unpleasant names. what a society we have.

        1. Leslie Witkop

          obnoxious comments attract obnoxious replies. Is it that hard to use the authors name as opposed to “this woman”? Learn some manners

          1. Richard Laslett

            ah . you have explained yourself. perhaps that within the initial comment may have helped but really polite language is important in any discourse

          2. craig

            Run along, now, Richard. There’s more tone-policing on the internet to be done! This isn’t the only website on it, you know!

          3. Frank Akers


    3. Richard Laslett

      totally agree with you. she cuts out a lot of facts to get through her views..

      1. Frank Akers

        “‘She’s’ the cat’s mother.”
        – my grandma.

  2. graybul

    As we close on the season of peace and goodwill, both Helen and Bernard have reinforced in today’s posts how far and fast Australia has abandoned freedoms and values previously taken as rights; secured by law, parliament and the will of Australian peoples.

    I am afraid. Where once I would have spoken freely, shared a view, queried an action, strongly challenged; now hesitate, evaluate, possible repercussion. Trust in the State, public service extending to community, continues to evaporate for there appears less commitment to a right or wrong; accountability, transparency. The mere fact that Victoria appears set on welcoming a takeover by Apple of Federation Square illustrates how disempowered people have become.

  3. ken chapman

    When I lived in Melbourne, federation square was an eyesore & nearly every non-architect hated it. It was supposed to be an event centre not another locked away monument to factionalism. Don’t like the idea of Apple taking up the space but at least it’ll add colour & brightness to an otherwise drab area.

    1. John Newton

      I guess that means you don’t give a fuck about the Wurundjeri people, or the fact that the land, as all land in this country, was stolen, and that a building dedicated to their memory and expanding our knowledge of their culture has been unceremoniously stolen and given to a bloated American corporation?
      So Australian

      1. Moving to Paraguay

        Add colour? Apple is whiteness in both its design and aspirations. It is a gated technology that offers nothing to those outside. Even Microsoft has a substantial philanthropic wing. Even Google helps you get around the world. The largest profit margins in the industry help keep the colours out of Apple.

        1. Peter Cox

          “It is a gated technology that offers nothing to those outside.”
          Absolutely – it’s a cult which I and many others have no intention of belonging to; even less so now.

  4. Richard Laslett

    no mention in this article that The Koorie Trust are moving to bigger premises in Fed Square, no mention about the building to be demolished is a white elephant and was not in the original design, no mention that the public spaces are to be made larger, no mention that Fed Square the company is in dire financial straits, no mention that most of the square is occupied by commercial entities ( some that are struggling) , including a rather dreadful beer hall and as for Time Out and their expanded outdoor area!!! typical one sided journalism

    1. John Newton

      Why did I ever believe Helen Razer? I withdraw, thank you richard

      1. Helen Razer

        m8 you’re easily swayed

    2. Helen Razer

      No mention in this comment that the Trust was moved at some cost to State Government to a space refurbished for the purpose just two years ago. (Follow the link to see the Arts Minister’s statement on how this was a marvellous and important move to a new home. In 2015.)
      No mention in this comment that the building is under fifteen years old.
      No consideration at all that Fed Square has a function more important than commerce.

  5. Pedantic, Balwyn

    Some may welcome another bland shop operated by a tax dodger, but the rest of us are truly upset by the Andrew’s Governments high handiness in making this decision without reference apparently to us the taxpayers, or even the Council. If the State Government so dislikes Fed Square that a major reno is required, it should have put to public tender, not a bully boy like or lump it from Andrews, though it’s par for the course.

  6. AR

    Try 27 B miles for that annual journey round the sun.
    But, hey, millions/billions, miles/kilometres , up/down or sideways what does accuracy or veracity matter when emoting?

    1. Helen Razer

      I refer to the distance remaining in the year.

      1. AR

        Maths not your forte – got it.

        1. Helen Razer

          In the ten days remaining, the figure stated is correct.

          1. AR

            So not just maths but grammar & syntax.

        2. Draco Houston

          Reading not your forte?

          “In 2017, you have so far endured 355 of these solar deceptions. You will travel 26 million kilometres through space, and then, 2017 will exist only in your memory.”

          Paragraph one (1), mate.

    2. craig

      You must be a hoot at social gatherings.

    3. Draco Houston

      AR where are you even getting 27 billion miles from?

        1. Draco Houston

          I think you wanted 2 π r

          1. Helen Razer

            Hey, D. They are no longer responding with Increase Your Word Power zingers. AR must have finished themself off.
            Best to you for this saccharine season and beyond.

    4. archibald

      Geez, I’d like to see the paperwork on that.
      5.8 x 10^8 miles = the annual journey of the earth around the sun – which is about 1/46th of the number you have given – and that’s without even pausing to emote.

      1. Helen Razer

        There are ten days left in the year. This was established in the sentence beforeThat you question.
        Each day, the earth travels 2.6 million ks.

        1. Helen Razer

          Oh. You weren’t addressing me, Arch.
          Yes. The figure is not foffety bajillion, or whatever they quoted. The annual distance is 940 million k.

  7. Jack Robertson

    Have a happy, safe break HR. It’s been a pleasure to read your work this year.

  8. Desmond Hanlon

    in september i was in Sydney. Stumbled on Summer Hill, the wine shop, the two fat butchers and the publication The Neighbourhood. Retreating to the holiday accomodation to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful inner city village morning visit, but, halfway through, the food, wine and the paper i discovered you were on stage and performing in Sydney that afternoon and i could have attended.
    Todays contribution means i will try so much harder not to miss Helen live when i am next in Sydney

  9. Wallywonga

    Great architectural art embodies genuine creativity, originality, culture, national character.
    Allowing one of the worst pig troughing (and declining) companies in the world (sorry all you “geniuses”) to establish a temple in the centre of a major city surely exemplifies how poor (and cynical) our current pollies and bureaucrats are at deciding this stuff.
    Just get David Walsh’s (Mona) input on all this stuff, ok?
    Surprised at the heart wrenching comments here also about costs, about an area that should always have been enshrined as public space – what all closet Morrison apologists?

  10. MAC TEZ

    Happy hols Helen. I’ve enjoyed a lot of your writing this year, enjoyed a lot the comments from the readers and always enjoy your efforts to reply to same.
    Hope you’re still gardening and if so,may your beds be rich in compost, bursting with bees and blossoms and free of weeds (apart from those you’re trying to cultivate).

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