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Crikey Awards

Dec 20, 2017

Vote now in Crikey’s best and worst of 2017

Who should Crikey crown Australia's Arsehat extraordinaire? Who is worth setting aside our cynicism to hold up as a beacon of betterment for Australia in 2017? Cast your votes in our best and worst of 2017!

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Not because of togetherness, goodwill, reflecting on what really matters or any of that nonsense, but because it’s your chance to tell us who impressed you, and, much more fun, who got right on your nerves this year. Vote for one of the above, or, if we’ve missed your favourite or most hated, let us know.

Click here to take our survey and cast your votes.



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7 thoughts on “Vote now in Crikey’s best and worst of 2017

  1. GF50

    Why no nomination :worst Federal LNP Government for disservice to Australia and the entire Australian populace?

  2. Marjorie Carless

    So many arseholes and so many good people to vote for…a difficult”t decision

  3. pjp

    Is it possible to vote for the Australian political system in general and our parliamentary system in particular. Any voting system which sees senators elected with the kinds of numbers that Malcolm Roberts got can’t be taken seriously. Likewise, single member electorates in the lower house are fundamentally undemocratic and only result in a two-party system. It’s not just time for a republic, it’s time for a new political system.

  4. billie

    From what I read Gladys Berijiklian is far worse than Dan Andrews.
    Oh well, no need to renew subscription to another right wing rag!

  5. Kenoath

    It says something about the unrivalled standard of arsehattedness in Australia when Mark Latham and Malcolm Roberts don’t even make the short list.

  6. Ruth B

    Have you scrapped “sexiest politician”???

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