Dec 19, 2017

Turnbull veers to the right with cabinet reshuffle

None of the Coalition’s same sex marriage proponents were promoted.

Bhakthi Puvanenthiran and Tony Walker

Associate editor / Political commentator

Malcolm Turnbull has shifted his new look Cabinet to the right with the elevation of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to a new super Home Affairs portfolio, and an expanded role for controversial Senator Michaelia Cash as Minister for Jobs and Innovation..

Dumped from the Cabinet and the Ministry altogether is Victorian MP and Infrastructure Minister Darren Chester. This is a retaliation by Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce for Chester’s support of Senator Bridget Mackenzie for deputy leader of the National Party.

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12 thoughts on “Turnbull veers to the right with cabinet reshuffle

  1. Wallywonga

    Yes, you would think a cabinet refresh might have further sparked the supposed MSM “re-energisation” of his leadership.Instead there were spiteful party paybacks, and of course no acknowledgement for the real committed drivers of the SSM legislation.
    Because he was too busy the next day out there trying to claim credit for the legislation himself!
    Is he any less a fatuous phony than Trump?

  2. Urban Wronski

    Makes Supremo Dutton’s dictatorship easier.

    1. PeteH

      That’s Obergruppenführer Dutton to you.

  3. The Curmudgeon

    A word about Barnaby Joyce. I would hope that by now, the myth that he is some sort of political genius is at an end. I can recall all federal Country/National Party leaders since (the very capable) John McEwen, and in each case, with rare exceptions, a previous leader who looked dumb and useless suddenly seemed less so as we came to know his successor. On this basis, Warren Truss should be applying for membership of Mensa.

    1. Wallywonga

      Hear hear! Sadly that ugly larrikin charm he employs keeps conning a lot of people, including a lot of very decent country folk. But they apparently also make a lot of Trump’s power base don’t they? Naive, cockeyed optimists, what is it?

  4. MJM

    “Malcolm Turnbull has shifted his new look Cabinet to the right with the elevation of … Peter Dutton … and Senator Michaelia Cash … ” Plus with the elevation of David Littleproud to a ministry. He was one of the voices who called for a division on that final SSM vote and one of the four HoR members who voted no.

    Exquisitely named!

  5. rhwombat

    So Reichstuber Dutton and Baarnaby Beetrooter retain their grip on one of Trumble’s testicles each. Gina the Hutt and Rupert the Jerry-(Hall)-atric must be quite satisfied.

    1. AR

      You are making the massive presumption that he has now, or ever, had any.

  6. AR

    Oh what a tangled web he wove,
    When into that sewer he dove.

  7. klewso

    At long last there’s a connection between Dutton and “intelligence” – he’s responsible for it.
    Stand by for some “interesting” revelations?

  8. klewso

    Every time you think Turnbull can’t get any lower, he fires up his coal-powered steam shovel.
    Littleproud “Count Yorga of the Darling” – in charge of water?
    ….. Then again this is the Orifice in Charge, who – as the mild-mannered Environment Minister in the Howard care-taker goverment of ’07 – gave $10,000,000 of our hard-earned to Aust. Rain Corporation (a consortium of Russians in league with a Murdoch nephew) for some rain?

    1. shea mcduff

      Ooo! Ooo! Pick me. I know the answer to that one.
      It was “Rainman”.
      And the Murdoch fella was also a member of and donor to Rainman’s reelection fund so some of the money went full circle.
      Here’s a contemporary ABC report of the of the scam which hints that the approval came from Rainman after being rejected by the relevant experts.
      Ahh, that was the days before Rainman became minister in charge of the ABC.

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