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New South Wales

Dec 15, 2017

Poll Bludger: Keneally the underdog tries to take a bite out of Alexander

A win for Kristina Keneally tomorrow is a big ask -- but not without precedent.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

The Turnbull government faces the second of its life-and-death section 44 byelection struggles tomorrow, and the first in which the restitution of its disqualified member is not merely a formality.

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8 thoughts on “Poll Bludger: Keneally the underdog tries to take a bite out of Alexander

  1. leon knight

    I hope the Bennelong voters are keenly aware of their opportunity to practically end this duplicitous shambles of an LNP government – they should see it as their national duty to do so.

    1. AR

      Would so savvy a cohort as the Chinese see advantage in having their Member one of the ruling side, in the very new future?

  2. Di Keller

    You have to ask why players and pundits were surprised at New England and Northcote results.
    I wasn’t, Barnaby had no competition and and Clare Burns was really over egging in trying to appeal to greens. Too many of us have been lectured to by vegans. 🙂 And only wearing second hand clothes?

    1. klewso

      Too true. What “pundit” worth their salt was surprised by the dead rubber (Windsorless) New England result?
      Too chicken-shit scared to break from the flock?

  3. klewso

    Thank doG that Howard had 9/11, Tampa and ‘Children Overboard’ to milk, back in 2001?

    1. AR

      Well this lot have Manus, China and robodebt, all good-feel resentments for the good burgher Mr & Mrs Pooter.
      Despite the SSM result, if Abbottrocious was candidate he’d still win Warringah, demographic be damned.

  4. Peter Wotton

    I recall that Sidonis had a much closer commercial contact with Obeid and Sydney Water

    1. Zeke

      At least you can recall. Sinodinos can’t.