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Dec 15, 2017

Far-right figure or comic book super villain?

Chris Woods — Freelance journalist

Chris Woods

Freelance journalist

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4 thoughts on “Far-right figure or comic book super villain?

  1. Sweeney Julanne

    Why don’t journalists ask PH about statements which caused her to be disendorsed by Qld Libs in the 60s? and about her inaugural racist Senate speech? I don’t think most Australians know her history. I wonder if Steven Andrew,the new MP for Mirani (of proud South Sea Islander heritage ), will end up an Independent or disassociate himself from his leader’s views on race.

    1. AR

      ??in the 60s? When she was having babies, working her fingers off as a single mother and establishing her first business?

  2. Jed Wesley-Smith

    the Toby Abbott answer lists him as a Fictional Evil Doer, which is very funny but stuffed my stats 🙂

  3. AR

    oh sheet, I scored 6/11 and was trying to answer incorrectly!