Dec 14, 2017

Would you buy a used media policy from Mitchell Peter Fifield?

Among the barrage of inquiries following media reforms passing this year, regulators will be looking at how the ABC can compete in the modern media jungle.

Crikey readers could be forgiven for thinking the real business of government has jolted to a stop while identity issues like same sex marriage are resolved along with the continuing imbroglio over citizenship of elected representatives.

However, off-stage, behind-the-scenes, in the bureaucracy, and in headquarters of media corporations a lot of scurrying about is taking place.

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5 thoughts on “Would you buy a used media policy from Mitchell Peter Fifield?

  1. klewso

    Having passed such “beneficent” legislation, all a government then has to do is ‘whatever the media barons want’ (for them or their pet projects) for a continuous line of glowing, unquestioning, incurious PR credit – without spending a cent on advertising?
    Mind you, don’t toe their line (like Labor or the Greens) and there’ll be PR hell to pay – that those parties will have to pay for advertising to counter?

  2. klewso

    And as for “ABC’s (publicly funded) advantage over their competitors” – if the product of those competitors was any good we rubes would buy it.
    What’s the good of running the ABC into the gutter press gutter to create a “level playing (Fi)field”?

  3. AR

    Let the dead, who won’t stop moving, bury the dying coz they are both well beyond use-by date.

  4. Wallywonga

    The sad irony of the effects of ABC bashing so far has been trimming of arts and culture programs, less of news programs; its the latter which seem to offend most the “level playing field” (ha ha) goals of its critics.
    Always felt that a national broadcaster, with associated web based services, should be expanding educational services, even offering universal curriculums through dedicated channels in a large country hampered by state parochiality. But far too socialist for those sticky fingered polywaffles who control our govt?
    Fifield would surely win the “least likely to buy a used car from” award of the curent crop of MT sycophants.

    1. AR

      WW – if Crikey had an uplike button I’d push it.
      But I’m old fashioned, I meant click it.

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