Dec 14, 2017

Hinch’s Senate Diary: funny cigarettes in Point Piper, resignations and the year in review

Just remember: a person who says three times that they won't resign, will.

Derryn Hinch — Senator

Derryn Hinch


Around this time of year, in my old nabe of television, we’d all be gearing up for an end-of-year on-air wrap. A "That Was The Year That Was" flashback. Plus a few predictions for next year.

In my last Crikey contribution for 2017, and after a full year of the tumultuous 45th Parliament, I should follow that tradition, but when it comes to predictions I remember the “Ondine Curse” (which I’ll explain later) and still hold the view that: when you are right, no one remembers; when you are wrong nobody forgets.

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9 thoughts on “Hinch’s Senate Diary: funny cigarettes in Point Piper, resignations and the year in review

  1. Decorum

    You might want to hold off on the crowing re Gallagher and Feeney until the HC decisions are in, Derryn. I think they’ll go 1 and 1.

  2. lykurgus

    Why would the Great Mansplainer worry about ending up with more Hinchs and Hansons? Your votes are more assured than George Christensens (or Peter Duttons); whatever flailing tantrums you chuck in the name of “look at me” cross-benchedness, you’re back in the tent quick as Hermes when it counts.
    And you both know it.

  3. PaulM

    How did a clever American donkey (smart ass) bring a yacht to Australia?
    I reiterate my previous comments about the need for a sub-editor, and maybe a spelling checker too.

    1. Raul Sprovieri

      Bite ya bum.

  4. bref

    Love the ‘Shanghai Sam’ moniker. But come on Derryn, the Liberals are a train wreck waiting to happen. Corporate tax cuts, Adani and coal power station (and god knows what other disasters) next year, annihilation at the polls the next…

  5. AR

    This self advertisement is little more than a poorly informed gossip column.
    FFS, ink fingered anecdotes from the 60s?

  6. Ian Starr

    I don’t often read your contribution,Derryn, but today I did. You appear to be comfortably enconsed in the Senate and enjoying the perks as well as the freedom to be able to slip off the The Realm whenever you can. Personally I prefer Manuka coffee spots where you can rub shoulders with real people. Oh and you might want to get your facts right: Katy Gallagher referred herself to the High Court!

  7. Ian Starr

    Ok ok that’s ensconced!

    1. AR

      He’s certainly looking very waxy recently as well as mottled, a dim candle.

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