Just another Tuesday night’s viewing in summer and the  viewing figures tell the story.  Viewers looked elsewhere after the news and current affairs ended at 7.30pm. Nine was a narrow victor in the metros. The summer boredom factor was also present on Foxtel --the fifth most watched program was an episode of Seinfeld, probably one of the most repeated programs on TV. While Paul Murray Live topped the night with 82,000 viewers. The Seinfeld repeat had more viewers than Credlin on Sky News which could only scratch together 40,000 viewers.

In the battle of the recycled cops, Midsomer Murders on Nine’s Gem (237,000 nationally) beat Inspector Morse on 7TWO (182,000 nationally). The repeated Rosemary and Thyme at 7.30pm on 7TWO also had more viewers than Morse -- 233,000. New Tricks on Gem at 7.30pm in fact won the battle of the re-useable plods with 284,000 national viewers. Gem won the metro minor channel battle with a share of 4.2% -- 7TWO had 3.7% in second.