Dec 12, 2017

Turnbull is showing his stress, and Bennelong is watching

Recent polling has the Liberals nervous about their chances of a clean win in Bennelong. If Turnbull's performance on Q&A is anything to go by, he's expecting to take the bullet.

On Monday's episode of Q&A Malcolm Turnbull let slip on several occasions a demeanor of confected affability when questioning turned to contentious matters, including battles with the right of his party.

Given better polling news for the prime minister personally in the latest Guardian Essential poll that he’s closed a disapproval gap significantly you might have expected a more expansive, less combative Turnbull performance.

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21 thoughts on “Turnbull is showing his stress, and Bennelong is watching

  1. lykurgus

    “Shorten, as might be expected, has been playing down expectations”
    As he did when Roberta Williams announced her candidacy in Maribyrnong (his exact response being, “I’ll do my best”).
    As if to make my point, you’d all forgotten that she ever announced.

    On the Dasher/Huang thing, I invite you to print the UNcropped piccies (the ones showing Truffles and Julie Bishop Glorious); we’ve already seen the cropped ones that show only Dasher.
    On understanding demographics, Truffles can’t consult the 2016 Census – it was a 4-million-sample-sized shitfight, remember?

  2. zut alors

    I did my best to stick with Q&A last night but actually became embarrassed watching a man who was once eloquent now heavily overdose his responses with ‘er’, ‘ah’ & interspersed nervous laughter. What happened, Malcolm?

    Was he ever pre-warned that spending time at The Lodge might have the consequence of nobbling his agility to the point of appearing to be a duffer? Too late, that ship has sailed.

    1. leon knight

      Q&A was a trainwreck for Turnbull no doubt, but Trioli did better than I expected – she has probably already had some abusive calls from Trumble himself, or some of the Guthrie, minions about it….

    2. klewso

      All buzz-words and catch-phrases – aimed at plebs with the attention span of goldfish.

  3. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Hard to see how Kristina Keneally could conduct a “high-energy insurgent campaign” when she is dragging around the stinking carcass of Sam Dastyari for all to see. Perhaps now that he has dumped himself in a skip just outside the electorate, Keneally might have some clear air – made even clearer by Malcolm Turnbull’s last minute desperation so visible on Q&A. Four days may well be a long time, a last time, for John Alexander in politics.

  4. mpkh99

    While I find Turnbull a disappointing PM his media performance is usually better than any other current pollie. Not so last night. I thought the way he spoke to the young indigenous woman bordering on bullying with the absurd aggressive outburst about the current indigenous MPs who are elected to represent their electorates NOT the voice of the First Australians.

    1. klewso

      He’s a patronising twat.

  5. mpkh99

    I found Turnbull’s treatment of the young indigenous woman last night outright bullying. And arrogantly wrong. The current First Australian MPs are NOT representing the voice of First Australians but of the people in their electorates. He treated all the audience in the studio and watching with the same aggressive contempt as that woman who I felt conducted herself so much better than him.

  6. brian crooks

    a near loss or loss in Bennelong and Turnbull will resign, replaced by his loyal deputy jewellery bishop followed by an early poll and a massacre for the coalition, bernadi will recruit half the liberal party and some of the nationals and hanson will get the rest with a long time in opposition for the conservatives the end result.

  7. klewso

    I think Malfoy’s just frustrated.
    That we don’t think he’s as infallible as he does – and that we’re not acting as gullible as he thinks we are?

  8. Luckyduck

    I found the coincidence of the release of info about Sam Dastyari and the release of the new donation laws disconcerting. It is still a mystery as to who had the info and why it was released now? What is the motivation?
    Turnbull’s behaviour in the last four QTs was pathetic to watch. For every question whether from Shorten or a Dorothy Dixer his or his team’s answer was Dastyari, Keneally or Shorten. How does the Coalition expect or deserve to win with this behaviour?

    1. klewso

      Motivation? Bennelong : Turnbull’s leadership/credibility?

  9. Susan Anderson

    Noone outside of the Liberal party and the media see same sex marriage legislation as a win for Trumble – noone. We the peeps only see a completely unnecessary bill for $122 million
    The preferred prime minister raffle is junk polling, just ask any pollster, its a stupid question and incessantly favours the incumbent even if the voters are just waiting to throw the government out – its complete junk and Trumble is viscerally hated by more than half the electorate

  10. Stephen Darragh

    44,341 of 168,948 voters is about 26%, not 21%.

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