Dec 12, 2017

Razer: Labor thinks it can woo voters by emulating Obama. Seriously.

The ALP, once ruthlessly efficient, is now just plain old ruthless. And a bit of Obama-style political coaching isn't going to change that.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

It was not Gough Whitlam to first observe, “a week is a long time in politics”. It is likely Lenin never said, “There are decades when nothing happens; there are weeks when decades happen.” The attribution changes, but the potential for high-speed change remains the same. Anyone who notes that years of political change can be crammed into days will soon be proved right.

Anyone who fails to note that such change has occurred could apply for a job with the ALP.

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9 thoughts on “Razer: Labor thinks it can woo voters by emulating Obama. Seriously.

  1. AR

    Share with Feeney? eyeewww….!

  2. Mike Smith

    Labor could do well by drafting Obama as they did Hawke for the next election… After it’s called. Don’t forget to make him an Aussie first though

  3. Coral SeeNQ

    The labor party of those days the one your talking about didn’t have a mob of latte sipping tree huggers who, by the way live the furthest from a tree of any human being in the country, with the most embodied carbon surrounds, (I guess that’s carbon storage for ya), chewing away at their left wing. That labor party’s left wing now weakened by the infant conning phoney left would have been out manning the barricades on why the security arm of this liberal govt aspi and asio were out on the hustings in the middle of a critical bi-election interfering with democracy with their strategic leaks to support an already outdated whitepaper. Bernie and Jeremy have never won anything and never governed anything, but Hilary, yes, she had her own Jim Comey moment, out there breaking FBI guidelines during an election damaging momentum for HRC and making Bernie look super extra special as an odds on winner if he had got to go up against DJT. For labor it was superhuman campaigning to take the three seats that they clawed back in Townsville against the most right wing odds you have ever seen swinging between the treacherous, faraway, do nothing t-shirt wearing, don’t turn up greens and the coal lobby. Whatever it was you just postulated, clap trap, you need to get out more. The David Feeney stuff sounds like personal animus really, old white guy thing without the coom by yah not workin’ for ya.

  4. Wallywonga

    Sanders and Corbyn get compared regularly, but only really have in common a sincere leftist message. Sanders gets out there with brow sweating conviction, whereas Corbyn has to be vigorously prodded with a stick to perform in public.
    In comparison, Shorten has this frustratingly dispassionate style which is his greatest shortcoming, and Turnbull’s fake slimy smile is apparently only fooling himself?
    If Victoria’s Labour think that manufacturing fake solutions to political creeps like Feeney is the answer, then it sums up how sick our party system really is.

  5. CML

    It seems to have escaped the author’s notice that despite all this academic bullsh+t, Labor have been ahead in the polls by 8-10 points, for the past year or more.
    If she would rather have a coalition government, that is her affair… but don’t cram this rubbish down the throats of Crikey readers when what is suggested is so far removed from reality as to be meaningless.
    I don’t live in Victoria, but if the Labor Party endorses David Feeney for the electorate he recently represented…it is certainly NOT the end of said party.
    It is ONE seat for Christ’s sake…get over it! Or is it suggested that all other parties only have A1 candidates? Obviously not true…and why should we believe THIS version of Feeney’s suitability anyway?
    Lift your game, Crikey…and stop with the fake news!!!

  6. lykurgus

    Bloop Trucknuts has been getting underestimated for decades; his support of the families of Beaconsfield miners was the first time Victorians heard the name Belt Sander (it wasn’t the first, we just thought it was); Kevins Fall 2.0 was another perceived first for hearing the name Burnt Hotpants; and when we heard that Melting Truffle would be facing Bent Spoontits in the DD, the hills were alive with the sound of “increasing his 20-seat lead”.
    Where’s that lead now?
    And that’s overlooking the moments when he forgets that he’s Beige Sandals, like when he told Bernardi, “at least I’m not a homophobe, MATE” (having just realised that he was on TV, and about to say “cunt”); and responding to the candidacy of Roberta Williams in his seat with “I’ll do my best”.
    If he was up against “good Malcolm”, “bad Malcolm”, or “meh Malcolm”, it’d be different; but they don’t exist – just a Malcolm-shaped hole.

    1. AR

      pure “in the DD, the hills were alive with the sound of “increasing his 20-seat lead”. ” gold.

  7. aliso6

    why don’t you research the Libs and bag them; try writing the ensuing article in English. Ta heaps.

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