Labor has lost a monumental headache in the short term, but in the long term, the resignation of Sam Dastyari has lost them one of their better communicators. With a lived experience of prejudice and the nearest grasp of anyone in federal politics of how people under 35 actually talk, Dastyari was the perfect attack dog to send out on social issues, and was often called upon to cater Labor's messages (say, on penalty rates) toward the young. No one in either party was better at putting together a shareable, mildly amusing video that people actually watched. Here's Crikey's look back at his five best social media tactics for getting noticed. 

5. Help me name and sell my book!

Back in March, Dastyari announced, "In an act of complete stupidity that I already regret, I decided to let Facebook name my book. I received over 900 suggestions". Opening up something important to your Facebook followers in a way that risks producing amusing, clickable results? Classic Dasher. He accompanied this with the three best options, (Snackpack Diaries, One Halal of a Story and No, I'm not Rowan Atkinson: The Sam Dastyari Story) laid over a picture of Dastyari taking a swig of beer "YES - THAT IS A PHOTO OF ME DRINKING A BEER. CALM DOWN INTERNET" he concludes. Yeah, take that people with a unhelpfully limited stereotypes of people born in Muslim majority countries!