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Dec 8, 2017

Australia stays mute as Cambodia nears point of no return

Fearing a loss at next year's election, Prime Minister Hun Sen has taken increasingly wild moves against human rights organisations, as Australia watches on.

Less than four months ago, the current political situation in Cambodia would seem almost implausible.


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5 thoughts on “Australia stays mute as Cambodia nears point of no return

  1. graybul

    It’s true isn’t it? Can’t remember if it was Australia’s Minister for Immigration or, Foreign Affairs . . . someone sent $5 MILLION . . . . and ONE Refugee to help out Cambodian Govt?

    1. AR

      I think it was $50M for four, three of whom left within months.

      1. graybul

        Cheers AR. Think your right on both accounts. Knew it was a humungous figure but chose $5m which still not a bad return on a couple of weeks for doing nothing.

  2. klewso

    Aren’t we still paying them to take our excess refugees? A terse word on this and they could turn their back on that multi-$million “deal”? Wouldn’t want to risk that.

    1. AR

      We have “excess refugees”? Who knew?