United States

Dec 7, 2017

Trump’s Jerusalem shock tactic serves no obvious purpose

If Trump's recognition of Jerusalem is the first step in his 'ultimate deal' for Israel-Palestine, then he better hope the next step reverses it.

Donald Trump and US exceptionalism

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop might have avoided criticism of President Donald Trump’s decision to break with his predecessors by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but she was quick to assert Australia’s stock standard position on the subject.

“Matters relating to Jerusalem are subject to Final Status negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority,’’ she said.

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11 thoughts on “Trump’s Jerusalem shock tactic serves no obvious purpose

  1. John Robertson

    “An unresolved civil war in Syria” Unresolved it may be, but it’s not and never was a civil war.

  2. klewso

    It’s a distraction from his Fake President unpopularity problems at home – imagine what WWIII could do?

  3. Nigel Abbott

    Oh but serve a purpose it most definitely does. No headlines on Russiagate today

  4. CP

    With Trump I always start by looking at the money. He has various financial interests in Israel and his neophyte negotiator Jared Kushner has extensive links, not to mention a chummy relationship with Netanyahu. While both would say they’ve divested themselves of their businesses, arguably there isn’t sufficient distance to prevent conflicts of interest – the White House ethics director was scathing in his assessment.

    So, is Trump motivated by venality in doing this big favour for Israel? It’s a shocking thought. But we already know that he’ll benefit financially from some of his domestic policies (taxation’s the big one). And even if there’s no direct quid quo pro, it’s not a stretch to see how his decisions might be coloured by his personal and business interests. I also thought there was a likely conflict of interest in his lean to Saudia Arabia, the first country he visited as president. Along with Trump’s need to feed his base, it does help explain why he’s been prepared to give away so much for apparently so little.

    1. zut alors

      Agree about the money angle.

      Also, Trump gets his jollies by being controversial, the more people he outrages the bigger the high. Remember, he doesn’t drink alcohol so stimulus needs to come from other sources.

    2. old greybearded one

      Jared Kushner’s father is a settlement backer, a prince of thieves perhaps. Therefore, Trump will have money in there somewhere. It costs Trump nothing. The ABC correspondent says it undermines the credibility of the US as an honest broker. They are kidding yeah The USA has never been anything but a dishonest broker in the middle east. It always sides with Israel not matter what.

  5. Peter Wileman

    Just how many lives is this moron going to cost? All very well that he messes around keeping scum like good ole Judge Roy in power within the borders of his bailiwick, But he seriously shouldn’t mess with delicate situations in regions that didn’t vote for this idiot. He’s America’s proof that their form of democracy isn’t all that it could be. They could at least keep him to themselves.

  6. Itsarort

    The reality that Israel is the 51st state of the USA has never been more obvious.

    1. 124C4U

      That’s confusing. I always believed that the capital of The land of the freaks and home of the brainless was Tel Aviv.

  7. Syd Thomas

    Dear Tony “funny” Walker,
    ” when no obvious purpose is served by adding to regional tensions at a time when the entire Middle East has scarcely been less stable.”
    No obvious purpose? Yes there is but how quick you forget. This latest episode from Trump is just one more rang up the ladder in the” illuminous” process of declaring Jerusalem the capital of the world, the seat of world government. They are testing world response step by step.
    One more refresher: Israel is not Israel. It’s the land of Judah. The definition of a J-w is being from the tribe of Judah. If it were Israel, then where are the other eleven tribes? You get the gist.

  8. AR

    Surely TW jests – amerika as a “traditional honest broker role in Middle East disputes“!? You cannot be serious.

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