An early end to the pink ball torture from Adelaide meant it was even stevens for the networks in prime time last night, and viewers voted with their remotes, departing en masse for the digital channels. The combined share of the 14 digital channels was a very high 37.1%, much higher than the combined share of any single network. The mixture of odd shows, repeats, low ranking programs, old movies and whatever else proved to be more alluring than what was on the main channels. 

In the same vein, SBS ONE's share jumped to 7.1% (not far behind Ten’s 8.9% share) with the return of The Vikings (291,000 nationally) and another episode of Struggle Street (441,000 nationally) which concludes tonight. Nine did not issue amended ratings data to account for the early finish to the cricket, so reported that second session was watched by 691,000, and the third session was watched by 537,000. Overall, Seven won a very poor night.