On anti-foreign influence legislation

Jock Webb writes: Re. “Walker: what will anti-foreign influence legislation cover? Everything, it seems.” (Wednesday) 

Surely, this should catch the Minerals Council, all the foreign corporations trying to dodge tax, Chevron, Exxon Mobil and all the petroleum lobbies, Peabody Energy and a host of others, including the Australian Christian Lobby, who I would bet has foreign funding. The Sydney Morning Herald reveal on what Andrew Robb does for his 880 000 a year also makes one think. Apparently nothing is required, so this looks like a payment for services rendered. The China FTA anyone?

On congestion during Christmas

Edward Zakrzewski writes: Re.”Every Christmas, the same question: ‘why are there so many people in my city?’” (Tuesday)

Jason writes “you can double the size of Armidale and it won’t move the needle on Sydney”. Sure, but if you doubled the size of Armidale, Tamworth, Bathurst, Orange, Lithgow, Forbes, Wellington, Mudgee, Dubbo etc etc.  What a difference that would make.