Dec 7, 2017

Rundle: send in the clowns

The only thing the Right has ever been able to claim was their efficiency. Now, they don't even have that.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


"Pretty sloppy, Rundy." The voice came from behind me on the Melbourne Uni stairs. Thirty years ago, in the meeting rooms above the Gerry Kitchener Sandwich Bar.

David Feeney, former Melbourne Uni House and Services Officer (co-office with Kathy Koukouvas, Jackson as became) was taunting me.

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25 thoughts on “Rundle: send in the clowns

  1. lykurgus

    Spare us your petty vengeance for 30-year-old taunts that nobody else ever bothered to remember.
    Because if this sulkfest was about anything bigger than that, you’d at least mention the eleven Coalition duals who did nothing about theirs (unless you count the blocking of their HC referral as “doing something”).

    1. Wexford

      You appear to have done a splendid job of not understanding the article *applause*.

      1. lykurgus

        Not as splendid as your pretence at not being a sockpuppet.

  2. Frank Bongiorno

    Was at Melb. Uni. 30 years ago but this grand battle passed me by. Was probably too busy listening to Bangles cassettes.

  3. klewso

    Shorten’s never had enough chips to be gambling at this table – he could lose it all (to Turnbull) if he doesn’t play his cards right, and that includes a deuce of Spades like Feeney.

  4. zut alors

    ‘…a man he spent years in some sort of double act with, a Melbourne political Laurel and Hardy…’

    Good grief Rundle, it’s there in all its physical glory, why has no-one voiced it before. No doubt you are sharing this revengeful & satisfying chapter with Kevin Rudd.

    1. klewso

      Abbott and Costello were taken.

      1. klewso

        … not by aliens, alas.

  5. Peter Strauss

    So Stockholm Syndrome is when your captors are right.

  6. Duncan Gilbey

    Off the top of my head:
    . Proposal to increase the GST (reversed within days)
    . Proposal to stop all Commonwealth funding of education (ditto)
    . Uncosted tax cuts to corporations
    . Uncosted tax cuts for all!
    . Proposed drug testing of welfare recipients
    . Raid on AWU office leaked to press. Relevant minister flatly refuses to accept responisibility and has since gone to ground.
    . Capitulation on SSM non binding postal survey. $120m wasted on same
    . Pointless RC into trade unions led by Dyson. $80m wasted
    . Capitualation on banking enquiry
    . Open warfare with coalition partner
    . Open warfare with conservative faction within the Liberal party

    And LABOR have dropped the ball?
    Jesus Christ, the media in this country has got the attention span of a goldfish.

    1. lykurgus

      Aw, give him a break, Duncan… David was MEAN to him – he called his work “sloppy” that one time. Okay, it was 30 years ago, but it was still VERY mean.

    2. Wexford

      All of this is true, but it’s not what the story is about.

      1. lykurgus

        Of course not. It’s about his deep hurt at David being mean to him that one time.

    3. Coral SeeNQ

      this is a good list: is this the reason that they applied to the security services for assistance to change the subject to interfere in the Bennelong bi-election and give the Labor party, wait on what can we call it? a ‘December Surprise’. I think they needed that interjection because people in Bennelong are nowhere near as cranky with Malcolm as they are up here in North Queensland where they give us blankets and beads. But Feeny he could probably get on the bus with Malcolm I think the baseball bats might be waiting for him from a few of us up here right now.

  7. Mike Smith

    Item seven, Let’s hope that comes to pass. Labor are too arrogant to govern in their own right… (pun intended)

  8. Nudiefish

    The point is made that when Labor, at that precise moment, is being presented to the Queen, several of their number, somehow, have managed to shit in the sherry.

  9. Paddlefoot

    In the recent Northcote state election, our household were pretty happy with the recent efforts of State Labor – including actual infrastructure normally only available to marginals. Then, on the Wednesday prior, a missive from our Federal member reminding us of blah blah etc etc. All it did was remind us of him. That guy. Mr Negative Gear. The functionary. The entitled time server. The rest is history.

  10. Sean Doyle

    Geees, some people really have feels for the ALP Right, don’t they? Even if one was a believer in ALP Right style polices, why would you bother to defend the likes of Feeney? He’s a liability, especially in a place like Batman, where I can’t see a single voter being swayed by his personal style to vote ALP, let alone making up for those he pushes to the open arms of the Greens.

    Usually, I tend to think of talk of problems with factions in the ALP as little more than (hypocritical) Liberal propaganda, but the stability pact forcing a right faction candidate upon Northcote/Batman is actively killing their chances in this area. Burns lost the seat despite a relatively left-progressive government and a decent margin while Feeney seems so incompetent that one would suspect he was a double agent.

    Why does the ALP foist such inappropriate candidates on places like Northcote? It’s not as if they do much in parliament (although credit to Richardson for her work on domestic violence). It does little but show contempt for anyone who is weighing up/already voting Green and makes it pretty much impossible to win such people back.

    1. lykurgus

      Most of us, I think, grasped the concept of Stockholm Syndrome without the demo; but thank you all the same.

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