Dec 6, 2017

Walker: what will anti-foreign influence legislation cover? Everything, it seems.

There's a push for new legislation to curtail agents of influence in the political processes, but first it must define who those agents are.

Now that legislation has been put forth that would seek to curb – if not eradicate – the influence of foreign interference in Australia’s political processes, it might not be a bad idea to define what that defines.

Would all lobby groups involved in seeking traction in the political process come under the purview of the new legislation. This is a potential minefield — and potentially a lawyer’s picnic.

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25 thoughts on “Walker: what will anti-foreign influence legislation cover? Everything, it seems.

  1. David

    I wonder what’s going to happen when the first donation is made with BITCOIN!

    1. lykurgus

      That ship has sailed – governments have Bitcoin accounts now (yes, ours too).
      They always hedge in currencies, just in case.

    2. rodneydeakin

      George and Malcolm have Bitcoin covered. Remember that the Laws of Mathematics are subservient to the Laws of Australia.

  2. [email protected]

    Thats an extraordinary leap of faith to believe that any lobbing money will be rejected. All the money will be from the ‘local’ subsidiary.

  3. Damien

    The simple answer is it will be designed to target their political enemies and exempt their political friends. In case you hadn’t realised it by now, this is the sole operating “principle” of this government.

    The “national interest” simply won’t come into it. This is the same government that told us all opposition to ChAFTA was “racist” and was preparing to pass an extradition treaty with China, remember?

  4. Graeski

    I wonder if NewsCorp and the Murdochs will need to register? Neither the company nor Murdoch Snr are Australian, after all.

  5. Joan

    The Minerals Council has had significant input to this proposal to include NGOs. It continues conservative government attacks on civil society advocacy. I’ve tried to describe here goo.gl/jWLqqt

  6. Dion Giles

    It’s not only foreign governments and ruling parties whose donations should be excluded, it’s also foreign corporations.

  7. Itsarort

    The usual half-baked potato we’ve come to expect from the vegetable garden to the right of the chair.

    1. klewso

      As usual with Tinkerbell Turnbull’s government, with it’s airy fairy policies – the detail is in the drivel.

  8. Rais

    Will it become unlawful for Ministers in the Federal Government to take up, immediately on resigning or retiring, positions or contracts with foreign-owned companies? The contract Andrew Robb has may be perfectly above board and lawful but it shouldn’t be. Ministers’ employment after they leave politics should be seen to be not related to anything they may have been doing as ministers.

  9. klewso

    Everything and nothing : as suits whoever is weilding the scales.

    And is there an explantion within as to why “foreign corruption (of our governance) is worse than domestic”? Governing for the wealthy few (to guarantee profits and hence donations) at the expense of the majority?

  10. klewso

    How do you calculate the monetary value of Murdoch’s propaganda machine; trying to influence voter perception re “fitness to govern” and voting intent (of at least the majority of the swinging vote) – that feed those cages of radio conservative shock-jocks – to interfere with electoral outcomes?
    An avalanche of negative PR that those parties – that don’t bear the Murdoch imprimatur – then have to spend up big, for paid advertising, at his outlets (especially in states where Limited News holds a virtual hard-copy news monopoly) to counter Limited News factoid journalism?
    But that’s “different” : because Turnbull-Brandis say so?

    1. Bill Hilliger

      A $30 million gift of taxpayer monies was probably part payment for the upcoming election. Payment in kind, …the example a fucked and downgraded NBN to help the NewsCrap organisation stay competitive.

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