Geoffrey Rush

The extraordinary and disgraceful destruction of Geoffrey Rush's personal reputation continues apace, the most recent contribution being a piece on RN Breakfast -- an interview this morning between Fran Kelly and Adelaide Festival director Neil Armfield, which began with a pleasant canter around the 2018 Festival and the Armfield-directed Brett Dean piece Hamlet, The Opera (which has been very successful, and sounds ghastly), before turning very dark indeed.

Kelly began with the general allegations -- one, of alleged "inappropriate conduct" once, in an STC production of King Lear -- and then, almost unbelievably, asked Armfield (the director of the production), to comment on "what he saw". Armfield, in a tone that quite understandably went from ice-cold to sulphuric acid, first tried to defer any discussion at all, then corrected Kelly on facts relating to the accusations, before having to shut it down again, as Kelly returned to it.