Dec 6, 2017

Shoppers in Bennelong aren’t buying what Labor is selling

Bennelong could go the way of New England unless Labor can muster a better way to engage with voters.

Irfan Yusuf — Lawyer, author and commentator

Irfan Yusuf

Lawyer, author and commentator

The message from voters is clear. According to one poll, some 80% of voters say the Coalition must allow Turnbull to serve his full term. The huge swing delivered by the punters in New England must surely include an element of confidence in the present leadership. That same confidence may well be repeated in the Bennelong by election.

Certainly that was the vibe I picked up through parts of my backyard, a place my parents dragged me to at five months old in 1970. It didn’t really matter who I spoke to – my Middle Eastern chemist in Ryde or the lady behind the op shop counter in West Ryde or the Malaysian dude who sells confectionary at the Taiwanese night market in Eastwood – most people displayed little interest in the campaign, which can only help the incumbent. Contrast this to when John Howard lost the seat and Maxine McKew became a one term wonder. Back then, many voters were on a mission to toss out the PM in the most humiliating fashion.

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18 thoughts on “Shoppers in Bennelong aren’t buying what Labor is selling

  1. old greybearded one

    I’m sorry? Barnaby Joyce went to the last election with a cunning opponent, but the full resources of every lie the coalition could tell. This time there was no credible opponent in a nominally safe nationals seat that had been with the charismatic and conservative Tony Windsor. How the hell could there NOT be a big swing to Blunderby? What happens in Bennelong who knows. I cannot abide Keneally personally, but Alexander is clearly a dull witted ex sportsman who makes a good tennis player and little else. He doesn’t deserve to retain office, then neither did Joyce.

    1. leon knight

      What is your issue with Keneally, admittedly Catholic but more progressive than most of them…..I reckon she has a lot offer Federal Labor.

      1. AR

        What’s the problem with Keneally?!?
        Where to begin?
        Sussex St?

    2. [email protected]

      i would Not Let John Alexander Teach My Kids Tennis, That is whats Wrong with Australian Tennis Today is People are letting Old Farts Teach Them Tennis, Tennis Today Needs Today Training not 1970s Training

  2. Luckyduck

    “According to one poll, some 80% of voters say the Coalition must allow Turnbull to serve his full term”. Which poll? Who conducted it? How many people were contacted? Even I can say based on a sample of 2 that 100% of the voters support Kristina Keneally.
    I am not even sure about that the author’s claims about the overseas students electioneering for the ALP. Not good enough Crikey. I did not pay good money for this biased article.

    1. lykurgus

      Mate, in the past two years, this has been the least of their malpractices

    2. CML

      Agree, Luckyduck…the Essential poll yesterday in the Guardian found there was NO difference in voting intention if the PM was changed. So…who do you believe?
      Also…I too am fed up with this crap written by fellow travellers. First it was Rundle on the Greens, and now Yusuf on the LNP…they both may be interested to know that the 2PP in the aforementioned poll was 55% to 45% in Labor’s favour. The voters in Banarbyland may be stupid, but thankfully they are NOT representative of the country.
      No matter what happens in Bennelong, Labor is still on course to win the next election…preferably sooner rather than later, and before the LNP wrecking of our country is complete!!

      1. Susan Anderson

        Hear hear
        Ol’ tomato head had no real opposition and imagine the taxpayer largesse he hands out in his own electorate, Alexander doesn’t look half as cunning

        1. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

          And with SamD and the Undeclared Cosmopolitans blaring on every TV, radio and Liberal Party station in the elcctorate of Bennelong there’s no chance that the Labor Party will get any traction. When the ducks don’t line up, not even the NSW Labor Party can satisfactorily run a bath, let alone cleanse themselves in it. Kristina, you don’t have a hope.

    3. Rais

      Irfan Yusuf writes personal impressions, not news as such. He was once a Young Liberal, now neither young nor Liberal. He has stepped on the toes of his Liberal former colleagues many times. In this piece he obviously favours Alexander over Keneally, a view few Crikey readers would support. I would probably vote for Keneally over Alexander but would hesitate solely because the by-election is being caused by the ridiculously harsh interpretation of an outdated Constitutional provision that was never intended to exclude any Commonwealth citizen.

    4. rhonaj

      I thought the poll was on letting Prime Ministers finish their term .

    5. rhonaj

      I thought the poll was on letting Prime Ministers finish their term.

  3. lykurgus

    Because the ALP should always and in all ways, take advice from a member of the LNP Right and former LNP preselect for Reid (the disclosure of which must have been snipped by the ubiquitous “hackers”, because surely you wouldn’t neglect to include it), you antediluvian hack.

  4. [email protected]

    This ‘article’ would be more credible if the following facts were included in it:
    * Irfan Yusuf describes himself as a ‘Former Islamist’
    * He was for a number of years a member of the Liberal Party of Australia
    * He was endorsed as Liberal candidate for the safe Labor seat of Reid in the 2001 Federal Election
    * He believes that Muslim women wearing traditional dress should be discouraged to do so to combat “discouraging rebelliousness and minimise cultural diversity http://www.abc.net.au/worldtoday/content/2005/s1448343.htm
    He’s a partisan writer and his piece should be treated as nothing more than more Liberal Party political propaganda.
    It should carry a party endorsement.

  5. Coral SeeNQ

    As a person from Townsville I was discouraged by this article thinking that the intervention by the security services into the bi-election in Sydney had such swift results for the ‘smearer and chief’ Trumble that they were able to be analysed anecdotally by your writer and a victory conclusive for his party. Fortunately I was able to obtain the chap’s bonafides by the comments of your reader’s below. Thankyou for letting me know what I suspected albeit from this distance, that Bennelong was not going to be quite as straight forward as New England was for a victor without an opponent. I hope the writer can catch up on the comments too, they have been appreciated by me anyway.

  6. Duncan Gilbey

    404 error on the link in the first paragraph.
    What is this? Amateur Hour?

  7. shea mcduff

    Hmm. Seems that Crikey readers aren’t buying what Irfan is selling.

    1. lykurgus

      They’ve been selling us a lot of this over the past year or two – won’t be getting another cent out of me.

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