Dec 5, 2017

Turnbull chooses his moment over espionage and donation laws

The proposed legislation has been announced to a backdrop of Sam Dastyari's paling fortunes.

Coincidence or not the Turnbull has chosen just the moment when Labor is flailing over allegations of improper connections with a Chinese billionaire to introduce new laws dealing with political donations and espionage.

Against the background of continuing political fallout for Labor Senator Sam Dastyari over inappropriate dealings with a Chinese political donor, the government has unveiled two sets of legislation that seek to address concerns about the source of political donations and attempts to influence the political process.

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11 thoughts on “Turnbull chooses his moment over espionage and donation laws

  1. Coral SeeNQ

    I heard the new Senator replacing Nick Xenaphon talking about another US style innovation and that is an Intelligence Oversight Committe of sorts. I wonder why he reckons we might need that all of a sudden. Perhaps it’s because directly or indirectly collected intelligence has just been manipulated by lnp surrogates in Newspapers to effect a bi-election that will have implications for the future of the whole government. All the Senators should worry about this sort of stuff.

  2. paddy

    I wonder whether News Ltd would count as a foreign influence?

    1. Steven Pecl

      Haha. Good point!

  3. Joe Black

    They will be after Crikey next.

  4. klewso

    He didn’t have anything more recent to dig up, to play with : to use as a distraction?

    As for “a criminal offence for a foreign entity or its representatives to interfere in Australian politics”- aimed as much at GetUp! as anything?
    I’m the first to admit I’m not the sharpest knife in the block and for the life of me I can’t think of any reason, for :-
    “singling out GetUp! : and not US Citizen Murdoch’s owned News Corpse” for targetting, for condemnation for interfering with our democratic process, beyond sheer bloody-minded hypocrisy from this arrogant supercilious born-to-rule mob?
    A foreign owned media empire with it’s “70”% share of our print news, to go with FUX? An entity devoted to fiddling with factoids, and limited disclosure – to influence the perceptions of voters re “fitness to govern” with a view to influencing electoral outcomes – 353.25 daze/year?

    While the NBN (a competitor to Rupert’s entertainment media circus) was emasculated?
    Then there was that overhaul of X-media ownership – that suited Rupert again?
    And those sort of costs don’t amount to “interfering in Australian politics”?
    That that’s “different” because Turnbull-Brandis say it is?
    …… Anyone else any other ideas as to why they’d do this?

    1. leon knight

      And if you check the latest Quarterly essay, you could easily conclude that Dastyari was going about China dealings in the right way (more or less), while the LNP are probably flogging a dead horse sucking up to Trump.
      China will win, the USA will lose, no matter what Murdoch and the IPA believe.

    2. klewso

      Sorry that’s “363.25 daze/year” of course.

  5. James O'Neill

    What exactly are the “lessons drawn from the US experiences during the 2016 election”? You are surely not referring to the canard of the “Russians did it” when all the evidence points to the fact that if there was any foreign interference with the US election it was by Israel, not Russia.
    Of course, Israeli and US interference with our election process is something that is not to be mentioned in the msm. Quite apart from financial contributions, just count up the number of our MPs and Senators that have made trips (all expenses paid) to that little troublemaking country.
    The proposed legislation is incredibly dangerous in its scope. Yet again Australia is sleepwalking into a fascist state, to add to the torrent of laws passed since 9/11, all justified on grounds of ‘national security’ and nary a constitutional protection in sight to provide any redress.

  6. Rhonda Kerr

    I am bemused by shreds of information on the proposed anti-espionage, political donation legislation as outlined by the AG and PM. If “… the new legislation will be a law that makes it a criminal offence for a foreign entity or its representatives to interfere in Australian politics, ” what is the status of the Queen? If she is a foreign power it may be a problem under the legislation as outlined. If she is an Australian (as Queen of Australia) the irony of the whole dual citizenship debacle has reached its zenith. The Queen would be a dual citizen by virtue of the Crown. So is she a dual citizen, a jewel citizen or a foreign power? It is all getting too silly.

  7. AR

    I, for one, applaud our toadying overlords if that legislation includes the real worms in the bud of our democracy, the mudorc, IPA, Minerals Council , Hillsong, CEC, Quadrant…, jeez, this could be just the clean broom we need!

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