On the New England byelection 

Paul Hughes writes: Re. “Poll Bludger: Joyce’s resounding byelection win is a particular victory for a particular man“(Monday)

The voters of New England are not stupid. They know that with the Deputy PM back in the house they can look forward to an extended period of brazen unremitting pork barrelling until the next election, just in case Tony Windsor decides to have another crack next time. Self interest will win out every time in rural electorates and explains the big result for Barnaby.

On public transport etiquette

Zut Alors writes:  Re. “Legally Binding: people who eat hot chips on public transport must be brought to justice” (Monday) 

I wish to add a penalty for any individual who, on mounting a bus, doesn’t have the transport card ready in their hand. Deportation (or worse) could apply to those particularly stupid travelers who, on sighting the bus driver, suddenly remember that public transport requires a fare. Who knew?! This prompts fiddling with wallet/purse, diving into a handbag for elusive cash & holding up the journey for all.