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Dec 5, 2017

Yale Diary: on the nauseating carousel of US bipartisanship

The former presidential candidate won't stop apologising for his 1988 loss, but has a strikingly clear message for lawmakers, writes Yale fellow Emma Shortis.

The holiday season has well and truly arrived in American New England. This week, pumpkins rotting on doorsteps were replaced by Christmas wreaths and twinkly lights. On the day President Donald Trump had “been looking very much forward to” — the traditional White House Christmas Tree lighting ceremony — we took my daughter to a similar, only slightly smaller event on the New Haven central green. We met Santa, and went on an ancient carousel that spun a little too fast and felt a little too rickety.


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3 thoughts on “Yale Diary: on the nauseating carousel of US bipartisanship

  1. AR

    Another of the best Presidents never had – Adlai Stevenson, George McGovern, even Howard “I have a scream” Dean.
    How different the world might look now.

  2. gerald butler

    It’s worth listening to retired pollies, they tend to tell the truth.