New South Wales

Dec 4, 2017

Poll Bludger: Joyce’s resounding byelection win is a particular victory for a particular man

Ultimately, the most satisfying explanations for the result are those that are most specific to the circumstances of the electorate and of Barnaby Joyce personally.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

After a week of disunity and demoralisation, the Nationals enjoyed an extraordinary reversal of fortune on Saturday as Barnaby Joyce registered a crushing win in the New England byelection.

While nobody seriously thought Joyce would lose, a fair bit was said about the complications the government might face if his win was not so decisive as to allow the Australian Electoral Commission to promptly declare a result.

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17 thoughts on “Poll Bludger: Joyce’s resounding byelection win is a particular victory for a particular man

  1. Andrew

    Had Tony Windsor run the result could have been quite different.

  2. leon knight

    The voters of New England are certainly special, you would think that with full knowledge of Barnaby’s bumbling incompetence and criminal involvement in water theft, they would vote for anyone other…but there you go.

    1. Damien

      Par for the course for rural voters.

      Theft is ok if it benefits themselves. Same with animal cruelty…and shooting government officials.

      City slickers can be thrown on the “free market” scrapheap as long as that tiny group of voters in rural electorates continue to get mollycoddled and protected by the government.

  3. zut alors

    If Turnbull is uplifted by this result he’s even more delusional & distanced from the Oz electorate than I imagined. Of course the voters wanted to give the High Court the finger (in this instance) & there would also have been sympathy for the rumour-logged Cousin Jethro.

    1. Iskandar

      Agree. New Englanders merely rallied around their lad in sympathy for his having been a victim of what is an obvious flaw in the Constitution. There is precisely zero relevance in this to Federal politics, and it is delusional and dishonest for Turnbull and others to think otherwise. Do they think we’re mugs or something? Hmm. Better not answer that.

  4. Paul Hughes

    The voters of New England are not stupid. They know that with the Deputy PM back in the house they can look forward to an extended period of brazen unremitting pork barrelling until the next election just in case Tont Windsor decides to have another crack next time. Self interest will win out every time in rural electorates and explains the big result for Barnaby.

    1. CML

      Paul…I would question your opening statement. At least 64+% of them ARE stupid.
      Must be fraternising with all those sheep in the electorate…the humans seem to have taken on some of their braindead attributes!
      Anyone who can accept what water theft does to downstream populations, is not only heartless, but criminal as well!!
      New England…your continuing MP is not only heartless, but can wear the other epithet as well!!!

      1. Paul Hughes

        CML you seem to equate heartlessness and self interest with stupidity, a rather dim assumption. The voters of New England don’t give a toss about downstream water users, in line with the current State government. They’re Nats and Libs after all, so please don’t expect them to care about anyone other themselves, that’s for us stupid lefties and greenies.

      2. PaulM

        It’s pretty obvious that Joyce doesn’t care about anyone downstream of about Bourke.

  5. Dog's Breakfast

    There is no way apart from sheer number reading that this can be considered significant. There was no opposition, Labor ran dead, a dozen or more others to split whatever protest vote may have existed, plus giving the finger to the high court decision. No Tony Windsor, as though that is neither here nor there.

    A poor reading of reality William, but I don’t doubt your numbers

  6. Pedantic, Balwyn

    Even more astounding that Joyce’s philandering was ignored by the media and electorate. Especially in a region known for its conservative views and strong moral disposition.

  7. Kevin_T

    “As the section 44 fiasco has unfolded, with Barnaby Joyce as its prime exhibit, voters have supposedly been reacting with dismay at the incompetence of a political class they are not disposed to view charitably — even at the best of times.”

    On this front alone I have sympathy with Barnaby. If this issue had never been raised, I would never have considered that I could be anything but Australian, as I have never left Australia’s shores, beyond Bass Strait, in my life. It turns out that I am probably a citizen of a country I have never been to, as my father and grandmother were both born in New Zealand, although they both left when my father was 3 years old in the 1920’s….

    1. Zeke

      No sympathy at all for Barnaby Joyce. He knew the rules and signed on the dotted line that he wasn’t a dual citizen without even checking. If it were a centerlink victim and they’d made such a false declaration they’d have their benefits cut, they’d be forced to pay back all they’d been given and they’d be lucky to avoid a fine. In fact, even if the fault were Centrelink’s they’d suffer the same fate. What happened to Barnaby? Nothing.

  8. AR

    After this government loses office, the bucolic burghers of Baahnarbyland, will find that having a self serving, corrupt and incompetent chancer as their local MP ain’t what it used to be.

  9. PaulM

    The reference to the McPherson by-election of 1981 is apposite. Labor might have done poorly then, but inside two years (consider the time frame until the next election) Bob Hawke and the drover’s dog were in Government.

  10. klewso

    Did anyone campaign on the way he treated farmers down the Darling (with the billions of $tax-payer committed to getting the M-DBA balance right) : to the way he did those big donors upstream?
    His ties to the likes of Gina and mining?
    The clown’s a self-serving carpet-bagger.

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