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Dec 4, 2017

HuffPost’s ‘disrespect’ for staff … Women’s Weekly cuts senior roles … the revolving door …

The journalists' union has met with HuffPost Australia staff, and says they were disrespected by their employer when it shut down its local edition.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

HuffPost ‘disrespects’ redundant staff: Union. The journalists’ union, the MEAA, has met with staff from Huff Post Australia still reeling from the site ending its joint venture with Fairfax Media last week. MEAA media director Katelin McInerney said in a statement that staff had been better informed on the website’s future in Australia from other news outlets than they were by their own employer: “They feel they were shown a lack of respect leading up to Wednesday’s announcement. In contrast to the bullish public statements by both companies, there will be very few opportunities for the staff to be redeployed within Fairfax.”

Fairfax and Huff Post announced last week that the partnership would end, and only some staff would remain with the pared-back local edition.

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2 thoughts on “HuffPost’s ‘disrespect’ for staff … Women’s Weekly cuts senior roles … the revolving door …

  1. 2bobsworth

    Wow, the loyalty and dedication of the LNP to Rupert Murdoch’s needs is so touching.
    The impact of “foreign” media giants on News Corps advertising revenue is strange. They are not at all concerned by the impact of a religious , ulttra right wing, climate denying, pro coal , anti NBN, anti ABC , anti union , newspaper and radio monopoly pushing a conservative narrative.
    News Corp itself is “foreign” , controlled by US citizen Rupert Murdoch via his 21st Century Fox.
    The LNP initially canceled the ABC overseas broadcasting contract because Sky TV claimed the contract should have been awarded to Rupert &Co. They started to slash the ABC budget. For Rupert sees the ABC as a drain on his profits.
    They then helped him noble the Netflix friendly NBN and used the AFP to raid Labor opposition To an inferior Fraudband, ran a witch hunt campaigns to protect Rupert’s overseas copyrights over the overpriced content on his cable Foxtel, ran an outrage 18c law dispute for his shock jock Bolt via IPA proxies to protect his nasty headlines habit ( everyone is entitled to be a bigot), bought his would-be stranded asset Foxtel cables to deliver a copper wire NBN, promoted coal assets as good for humanity and repealed or hindered any alternate renewable energy projects.
    The fact that The Australian is an unabashed propaganda organ for the LNP is beyond dispute. It ran Multi Million $ losses for years to support Abbott and now Malcolm hands out a reward of $30m to Foxtel, don’t you worry about that!
    I can’t wait for the next chapter of The Murdochracy Sycophants series.

  2. phonakins

    Zan’s leaving Triple J? Noooooooo 🙁

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