Welcome to the first ratings report of the 2017-18 summer. The second day of the Ashes Cricket test in Adelaide dominated of course with Australia batting, battling and then conquering England. The final session clocked 2.14 million national viewers (it was rain-affected, so the figure could have been higher). The second session averaged 1.70 million and the first early afternoon session, 1.42 million

And that meant an easy win for Nine (and no doubt tonight as well). Ten was weak, as you would expect. Insiders averaged 573,000 viewers for the ABC at 9am yesterday with its coverage of the New England By-Election and other events in politics. The hitches in the interview with Barnaby Joyce (a phone interview instead of a live TV cross) summed up the stumbling NBN problems. As panelist Laura Tingle pointed out, New England was where the NBN went first into regional Australia!