Dec 1, 2017

Uber for the dole: questions over government’s gig economy plan

The government's latest welfare experiment looks to the gig economy for answers, but there are concerns that it will push jobseekers into dangerous, underpaid and exploitative work.

Around the world, the so-called gig economy is starting to lose its lustre.

In the last few months alone, London’s transport agency has stripped Uber of its licence over a lack of corporate responsibility.

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10 thoughts on “Uber for the dole: questions over government’s gig economy plan

  1. lykurgus

    “full compliance with relevant workplace laws” – in other words, no workplace laws (as they’re all subcontracted, ergo self-employed). Unless you count the ones Unter broke already.
    If Christian Porter was being put out to pasture, or “sent to live on a farm”, this would all make perfect sense.

  2. Graeski

    All this from the most welfare-dependent (via obscenely over-inflated pension payments) pigs at the country’s trough.

  3. Roger Clifton

    Remember “A bob a job”? Kids with a few extra bob in pocket quickly earnt high status, so motivation was high.

    1. AR

      and don’t forget the thruppence for a dozen empties from the bottolo!
      That’ll learn ’em.

    2. MAC TEZ

      I remember bob-a-job…slave labour for a couple of coins, where the laziest neighbors could get their worst chores done for next to nothing !
      I remember caddying for cash at the local golf course on weekends, aka four hours for fuck all (especially if your allocated golfer had a bad round) . One summer we were so efficient collecting empty bottles for coin refunds in our neighborhood that we had to steal the bottles we’d previously exchanged from the grocers backyard to be able to get any more cash.

  4. Draco Houston

    Cool cyberpunk dystopia we live in.

  5. AR

    This noxious notion is uber as the noisome ghost of SerfChoices.

  6. Peter Wileman

    Porter would not have come up with this thought bubble without Michaelia Cash’s input. How many times can these over compensated parasites come up with these ideas without looking back at the shitstorm that they have created in vocational training?

  7. MAC TEZ

    Not so much a gig economy as a gag economy, a sick joke played out on a desperate and vulnerable workforce.

  8. Kim Colbourne

    You can’t build a life on gig economy jobs. You can’t reliably earn rent, pay off a car, or save. This is about building a workforce of skilled but disenfranchised workers who will accept any workplace conditions because they are desperate.

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