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Dec 1, 2017

After failing to find its feet, HuffPost Australia closes

HuffPost Australia staff have cleared out their desks after a joint venture with Fairfax ended, the latest in a string of international changes.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

The HuffPost Australia staff packing up their desks for the last time this week are just the latest victims of the website’s international strategy, which has left dozens of workers at the global brand out of work.

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3 thoughts on “After failing to find its feet, HuffPost Australia closes

  1. Xoanon

    I’m not really surprised. Huff Post’s quality has always been pretty flaky – lots of fluff alongside the news – and it didn’t offer anything here that you couldn’t get from more focused sources.

  2. AR

    I kept waiting for it to get a move on, now you say that it’s already dead.
    How could anyone tell?

  3. Di Keller

    Good riddance I say, whenever I tried to read an article I was always left looking for the ending. Just annoying .