Dec 1, 2017

Milo and his groupies think they’re ‘lions’. Really, they’re UFC fanboys who smell like Dencorub.

Milo Yiannopoulos is not only a symptom of the desperate state Western conservatism is in, but a carrier of the disease that’s killing it, writes Guy Rundle.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


The last time I saw Milo Yiannopoulos – from a distance – he was careening around the bar-tents at the 2016 Republican convention in Cleveland, belle of the monsters’ ball. (He had leftie journalist Laurie “Red” Penny in tow for a while, something she used to brag about, but on which she is now vewwwwwy vewwwy quiet).

They couldn’t get enough of him there. Shark-grey suited DC operatives and barge-size mid-western rubes in stars and stripes shirts alike, they were charmed and enlivened by the political Peter Pan act, the platinum blond hair, teardrop glasses, sometimes a tailored suit, sometimes a white shirt open to the waist.

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34 thoughts on “Milo and his groupies think they’re ‘lions’. Really, they’re UFC fanboys who smell like Dencorub.

  1. Draco Houston

    I first became aware of this guy during the dreadfully boring “gamergate” stuff and he has continued to bore me ever since.

    1. Will

      He shouldn’t. He’s a professional clown on the make. His prize act is to say, if you’re gay and not fascist, you’re the bore. When he says, “How can I be called a racist? I’ve had more black **** than the Kardashians,” he’s utterly, hilariously, maligning gay men everywhere. I agree when Guy says hosting Milo shows Oz right wingers couldn’t actually care less about conservative values. But I don’t follow Guy in believing that this is evidence that the right has lost the culture wars. I think those wars are entering a new fascistic phase, about pursuing power for power’s sake. In that Milo’s performing the role shock trooper, his part being to reconnect male homoeroticism with tribalism and combat. That shouldn’t bore; that should enrage.

    2. lykurgus

      Still as quick with the news as ever isn’t he

  2. simon deburgh

    Guy, Master Milo was not “careening” around any bar-tent, but he may well have been careering. North Americans think “careening” is a cuter variant of careering, but an Australian writer knows that Lieutenant James Cook CAREENED the Endeavour for repairs after hitting the reef, and Sydney people know that boats were run ashore for repairs in CAREENING Cove.

  3. Saugoof

    Why did the world ever pay any attention to this professional troll? He doesn’t really stand for anything, he just has an insane craving for attention.

  4. AR

    You’re a hard marker, grundle, but fair.
    “He looked like a Bowie tribute act opening a Tulsa rodeo.”
    BTW, did you mean “OD at 33 and campaigning for la Klingon in ’24…”? Seems a reasonable career trajectory.
    Red neck know-nuttins are for the Drumpfster, and closeted, fag-fearing Nazis overlook Milo’s paeans to fellating black big jobs.
    To steal from PT Barnum, “nobody ever went broke underestimating the public”.

  5. Electric Lardyland

    Yes, I think that what links Yiannopoulos, Bolt, Latham, Albrechtson and many modern rightards, is a thoroughly indulged and out of control narcissism. They’ve all been gifted platforms, to foist their special insights on to the general population. Since narcissists are largely insensitive to the needs and feelings of others, these insights are usually big on slagging off those who don’t have privileged media access, but short on constructive ideas. Once these insights generate the criticism that they deserve, the other chief component of the narcissist swings into action. That is, since they have a highly inflated view of their own worth, they tend to view criticism as totally unjust, and they then descend into a whiney, petulant paranoia.
    For instance, in regards to climate change, their arrogant pronouncements tend to be poorly researched regurgitations of corporate spin. When these opinions are refuted, instead of doing better research or constructing more reality based arguments, they invariably go for the conspiracy theory, in which the world’s climate scientists and various government agencies, are allegedly doctoring data to a massive extent. And I do think that the narcissism of so many modern rightards, has fashioned a mode of communication, that oscillates constantly, between arrogance and victimhood, with pretty well nothing in between.

  6. Neil hauxwell

    A priceless turn of Rundle phase “a subculture that smells of Dencorub and recently expressed semen” – worth my entire Crikey sub- Thanks

  7. zut alors

    ‘She dances round Milo like a second-year arts student dancing round her handbag at a Midsumma launch.’

    Thanks, Guy, an arresting image.

    It’s difficult to understand Milo’s appeal despite your valiant effort to explain it. But I suspect you are spot on with the demographic for his Oz audiences. I’m mildly curious to know what Alan Jones says about him…

    1. Electric Lardyland

      Alan might find it a bit difficult to talk with his mouth full.

      1. AR

        I think that they are both cuspidors.

  8. Perrin Walker

    Great article, but very unfair on Laurie Penny. She’s written what is hands-down the best and most thoughtful profile of Milo.

    Sure, she might go a bit hard on the ‘he thought we were friends but I was never his friend’ pleading, but look, she outlines pretty clearly what she wanted to learn from him, and why she’s not interested in him any more. If her running around with him at functions was what it took to produce that extraordinary piece, then I’m not going to hold it against her.

    1. Electric Lardyland

      Thanks for the link: interesting article.

  9. Woopwoop

    He was interviewed on 3AW the other day.
    Lots of insults, but I didn’t get any coherent message.

  10. Venise Alstergren

    Just trying to work out what this all American boy stands for, would an interview with Peter Dutton, Scomo or Erica Betz-being three hard right and soaked in religion politicians- with Milo Yiannopoulos would reveal what?

    1. AR

      Hardly “all-merikan” – Milo Hanrahan, born 18 October 1984 (age 33)
      Kent, England, United Kingdom

      1. George

        A 33yo Hanrahan who calls himself Yiannopoulos? I bet his Grindr profile says he’s 25.

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