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Nov 30, 2017

Walkley awards celebrated by remarkable women and uncomfortable men

When Lisa Wilkinson invoked Harvey Weinstein in her introduction, you could hear the seats groan as old-guard men shifted uncomfortably.

On paper, the prospect of the 2017 Walkleys was compelling. The first post-woke, post-Weinstein, Tracey Spicer-spiced Walkleys. But while the Australian media is rightly doing a lot of navel-gazing at the moment, very little of it was apparent on the night.


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3 thoughts on “Walkley awards celebrated by remarkable women and uncomfortable men

  1. Pollietragic

    Missed what moment? This article missed its moment, I suspect. Once again,, we see little substantial coverage of our the brightest and best our own Oz media. Is it copyright that an article like this cannot present graphics of the best cartoon, the best photograph, links to the best doco, the best investigative story etc.
    We see many generalised comments about journalism’s failure, death of investigative journalism due to social media ad nauseum. When the Walkley’s are announced, there is 5/10th’s of buggerall msm coverage of the significant journalism and quality stories that are deemed to be exceptional.
    We need to be reminded our own journo’s can produce great things. So why is our msm so shy in promoting the Walkley’s?

    1. Pollietragic

      Oops – should read ” we see little substantial coverage of the brightest and best of our own Oz media.”

  2. AR

    Wot’s that old calumy, 2 c…s in a kitchen?