Seven’s night easily. Nine took out the trash and its line up stank accordingly. After solid efforts from the News from 6 to 7pm (1.16 million national viewers for the 6.30pm part after 1.13 million for the 6pm segment) and then A Current Affair (1.09 million), the trash appeared. The UK version of The Voice -- not the adults, but the kids - 636,000. Then Victoria’s Secret models for an hour until 10pm, just 367,000 national viewers. At 1 pm a program called Movie Juice snatched 72,000 desperate souls. And at 11.30pm a program about an Australian Firemen’s Calendar was knocked down in the rush of 38,000 national viewers. That was for an hour. Why was this stuff put to air last night? Seven and the ABC at least tried with new programs. Hard Quiz ended with a solid 906,000 people nationally and Instant Hotel ended with 985,000.

Ten did very poorly -- a main channel share of just 8.7% in the metros. It dropped Jamie’s Superfoods at 7.30 and dropped in an episode of Cram in its place, which went south -- just 434,000 nationally and 290,000 in the metros, beaten by The Kids UK Voice on Nine. Viewers of Ten will have to confront another episode of Cram tonight at 7.30pm. And Ten says it is coming back in 2018!